Diva Starr's Affordable Juicy Facts

Diva Starr , 04 Feb 2014
Diva Starr
Diva Starr

Fresh + healthy + liquids, the craving is spreading along with all the health benefits of drinking your fruits and vegetables. You can see plenty of cafes and restaurants offering a variety of juices on their menu. That being said, you don’t always have to go and purchase a ready-made juice. Invest in a juicer & try making these fresh combinations at home:

1)    Carrot + Ginger + Apple = Cleanses the system

2)    Apple + Cucumber + Celery = Helps to reduces cholesterol

3)    Tomato + Carrot + Apple = Aids to battle bad breath and improves skin complexion

4)    Orange + Ginger + Cucumber = Reduces body heat

5)    Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon =  Nurtures the bladder and kidney

*Make sure to consume your juices as and when you make them.
*Wash all your fruits and vegetables properly before putting them in your juicer.

:) Cheers!

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