From Mars To Music in 30 Seconds. Track Drops, Boom.

Punkflop and Nika , 05 Feb 2014

So yesterday I was tempted to eat this Mars bar for breakfast and as a joke Facebooked a picture of it asking if I should or not.

Aside from the various friends who liked my dilemma, some encouraged while others discouraged it and my office neighbour (from DynamiteVikram Ramchandani offered to save me the calories. So I duly surrendered my chocolate bar feeling super proud of myself for showing such mammoth self control.


I also ended up trolling his Facebook feed where I discovered a ton of posts about something called “Track Drops”.

And voila! This blog was born. Vikram got a chocolate bar and I got 365 days of calorie-free tunes. Everybody wins. And thank you Mars.

Track Drops is the best way to start your day, it gives you two handpicked songs everyday, 365 days a year! In addition to that we also have a playlist that allows you to seamlessly listen to our selected music at work, while stuck in traffic, or at a party!

Here are 10 reasons why Track Drops needs to be a part of your daily online schedule:
Track Drop
Track Drop

1) Track Drops is a great way to discover or in some instances, rediscover music on a daily basis.

2) The site has absolutely no ads, no frills, and no unrelated content – the focus is entirely on the music.

3) There are 2 new handpicked tracks posted every single day.

4) Track Drops consists of songs personally recommended by 2 music enthusiasts: Punkflop & Nika.

5) The music is not limited to any particular genre or year of release. So basically, you get to hear a carefully selected variety of music!

6) Some posts are accompanied with visuals or music videos to further enhance the featured songs and your listening experience.

7) Some posts feature free mp3 downloads of the featured tracks!

8) With the help of, the site also features playlists, which will help provide a seamless and well-curated music experience.

9) Recommendations are always welcome, with due credit of course.

10) Track Drops is a great way to kill 5 minutes of boredom, and since it is free you have got nothing to lose. Well, except for 5 minutes of course. Plus we really don’t mind if you claim to your friends that you discovered some of the featured music all on your own!

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