Meet The Khatron Ke Khiladi: Their Past Controversies & Potential for Drama!

Rohit Shetty with the Khatron Ke Khildai contestants
Rohit Shetty with the Khatron Ke Khildai contestants

Oh well, it was bound to happen, I was GOING to get sucked into one reality show or another eventually so this time I’m mentally preparing myself for what I might not be able to un-see!


Mugdha Godse
Mugdha Godse

Claim to fame: Model-turned-actress, she was in Fashion with Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut remember?

Past controversy: “Why bikini?” That’s what her mom said about her attire in the film Help. This obviously got mega blown out of proportion with reports claiming her parents had disowned her for the scene.

Potential for drama: She seems pretty level headed if you ask me. But then again throw in murky water, roaches and drama queens and you’ve got a recipe for nervous breakdowns. I hope she makes some friends. She’ll need them.

Mugdha's tweet
Mugdha’s tweet


Ranvir Shorey
Ranvir Shorey

Claim to fame: Actor, and a very good one. In fact I’m guessing he’s doing this show on a dare. If you haven’t, please immediately go watch Mithya.

Past controversy: Lots of speculation that he and Konkona Sen Sharma had fallen apart, he recently clarified again that they are both very much together. A publication carried a quote by Konkona saying, “I’m a single mother.” Ranvir says, “I would never believe a publication for what it prints over what I know about my own wife.”

Potential for drama: He has a temper, a juicy one. But luckily it comes with a long fuse. As long as everybody plays nice and there’s no Old Monk on the scene he’ll be his usual happy shiny self.

Ranvir's tweet
Ranvir’s tweet

If not, well… then you’ve got TRPs!


Rajneesh Duggal
Rajneesh Duggal

Claim to fame: Model-turned-actor, also Grasim Mr. India 2003 and Kingfisher model of the year 2005 *mmmph* Sorry, I don’t know why that’s funny. (Maybe because it’s 2013.)

Past controversy: None. He’s just a very big Karisma Kapoor fan and even scored a role opposite her in Dangerous Ishq.

Potential for drama: None. UNLESS he somehow pisses off Kushal Tandon OR someone says something mean about Karisma Kapoor.


Rochelle Rao
Rochelle Rao

Claim to fame: Model and anchor. Crowned Femina Miss India International in 2012.

Past controversy: This might amuse you a little but earlier this year Rochelle was reportedly detained for about three hours at Bangalore airport (by IndiGo airlines) for not turning off her mobile phone on the flight thereby interfering with their flight navigation systems. :P

Rochelle's tweet
Rochelle’s tweet

Potential for drama: So based on my personal impression of her at the Micromax Canvas 4 launch event in Delhi I would have said none, but armed with this new information about her trouble with authority I’m going to reserve judgement and hope for the best (or really, the worst!)


Geeta Tandon
Geeta Tandon
KKK stunts
KKK stunts

Claim to fame: Stunt woman. Um, doesn’t that seem a tad unfair?! Surely she won’t flinch twice riding her harley through a ring of flames, something she’s probably done before! Just saying.

Past controversy: None that I know of! 

Potential for drama: Over the years she has launched herself from building rooftops and performed hair raising stunts on bikes. In fact she became a stuntwoman to support her family so I’m guessing prize ke liye kuch be karega would apply :)


Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon
Gauahar Khan, Kushal Tandon

Claim to fame: Models, actors and TV Reality stars. They’ve both had their share of fans from The Khan Sisters and Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai respectively but what really clinched it for them is their chance meeting on Bigg Boss Season 7, where they also found love and became Reality TVs “It” couple. You can hear all about it from my exclusive interviews with them both. Gauhar Khan here and Kushal Tandon here!

Past controversy: Gauhar had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at Lakmé Fashion Week back in ’06. And Kushal was evicted from the Bigg Boss house for man-handling VJ Andy.

Kushal Tandon
Kushal Tandon

Potential for drama: HUGE. Mostly because their fans and haters are super polarised. I’m guessing another alpha male on the show will definitely get under Kushal’s skin and Gauhar will be made to face some horrible fear. Their chances of winning this together are still pretty high even though I’m guessing Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukerji will not be voting (for them), even if they ARE (secretly) watching!

Gauhar Khan
Gauhar Khan


Pooja Gor
Pooja Gor

Claim to fame: Gujrati TV star.

Past controversy: Something about a “live-in” relationship but since this isn’t the 1900s I’m going to let that slide!

Potential for drama: Sorry if I sound shallow but she seems the high drama sort. For television you kinda have to be, don’t you?!


Nikitin Dheer
Nikitin Dheer

Claim to fame: Bollywood villain. (Remember we even interviewed him?)

Past controversy: Someone complained that he bullies people at his gym in Andheri. Shahid Kapoor goes to the same gym however and came to his defence. He is now Shahid’s personal bodyguard (Just kidding!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.53.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.52.59 PM

Potential for drama: Bollywood baddy eh? Well that’s convenient! If he plays his cards right he could end up in the final three with Kushal and Gauhar in a brilliant hero v/s villain battle for victory.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.52.47 PM


Salman Yusuff Khan
Salman Yusuff Khan

Claim to fame: Winner of Dance India Dance Season 1.

Past controversy: His NAME is Salman Khan. I think that’s good enough :)

Salman Y Khan's tweet
Salman Y Khan’s tweet

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.59.44 PM

Potential for drama: Again, totally depends where the chips fall in terms of testosterone on the show. No chance all the boys are going to get along and they’ve planned it so not every guy gets a girl. Do you see what I’m getting at?!


Rohit Shetty
Rohit Shetty

Claim to fame: Film director and cinematographer.

Past controversy: Something about the the Lungi dance composers falling out with him but he cleared that up, he also said, “Shah Rukh is like family now.” And how many people get to say that?!

Potential for drama: Interesting, because who wants to piss off a potential amazing networking hookup for a future film? He might end up playing passive aggressive boss man as a result! Also he directed Nikitin Dheer in Chennai Express and has SRK on speed dial. He’s practically golden!

Rohit Shetty's tweet
Rohit Shetty’s tweet

So now let me ask you this! Who are YOU rooting for this season? And will you be watching with me? Leave me a comment below :)

Presumably the show airs late March – early April. The crew has just landed in Cape Town, South Africa, to begin shooting for the show. I will ironically be on my own fearless luxury adventure in Queensland Australia so someone keep me posted ‘kay?

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