A Mom’s Bollywood Guide to Finding the Right Husband! #MMLove

A Mom’s Bollywood Guide to Finding the Right Husband! #MMLove

Rashmi Daryanani

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, my mother has written a guide to finding the right husband. Just make sure he ticks off all the points on this list! To illustrate (and also because she’s as filmy as I am), my mum has given examples using Bollywood characters. Enjoy – and watch out, boys, the bar just got set REAL high! – Rashmi.

Son-in-Law checklist
Son-in-Law checklist

When I was young and thinking about marriage, I always wanted a boy like Shashi Kapoor in the movie Kabhi Kabhi (I would always dream of a romantic hero like in the movies!). Today when I think of my daughter getting married and the qualities I would want for her husband to have, I still relate to movies… and when a particular character impresses me I would always want my son-in-law to be like that. These are some of the qualities that I would want my future son-in-law to have, based on some of my favourite Bollywood male characters.

1) He should learn to cherish her

What impressed me most was the moment when Shashi Kapoor’s character comes to know that Amitabh’s character loved his wife at one time, and he brushes it off saying that his wife is amazing, so of course someone else would have loved her too. So yes, I would want the same for my daughter: someone who loves her, cherishes her, and knows her worth.

2) He should love me as much as he loves my daughter

Salman Khan loves Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, but more than that, it was sweet to see his rapport with Kajol’s mother.

3) He should get along with the whole family

He can love me the most but he should also be like Raj in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, who tries to win over the whole family. :) Actually, SRK’s character in DDLJ is the perfect son-in-law. Here, he wants to please the whole family and he works hard to get their approval… he does not want to run away with the bride, but rather he wishes to win over the father’s love.

4) He should be able to handle her madness

Jab We Met
Jab We Met

I have a little crazy streak in me and I think many girls do. The boy should be able to play along like Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met, and yet have the wisdom to know when things are crossing the line… like the moment when Shahid is upfront with Kareena and tells her that things can end badly for her if she keeps doing the things she does (like running away).

5) He should be in it for keeps

He should love her for who she is and stand by her all the time, no matter what happens.

6) He should be her best friend

Prem - Maine Pyar Kiya
Prem – Maine Pyar Kiya

Pyaar dosti hai, so he should be a good friend.

7) He should be sincere

It’s not enough to just love someone, he has to be able to live up to his commitments. Like Salman in Maine Pyar Kiya: it’s obvious he loves her, but he’s still willing to go to drastic measures to prove that he can take care of her as well.

8) He should always make time for her


You know it’s love even when it’s alive after all those years, all the children, and all the family commitments. Like in Baghban: I love that Hema and Amitabh can take out the time to share a tender moment even after they’ve spent the whole day with their kids.

My daughter thinks that Bollywood ruined her love life, but I have been lucky to find a husband with all these qualities and I’m sure she will too. After all, as Shah Rukh says in Om Shanti Om – “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, toh puri kayanat usse tumse milane ki saazish mein lag jaati hai.

I know she, and all the other girls out there, will find their Raj.

Rashmi Daryanani and Kavita Daryanani
Rashmi Daryanani and Kavita Daryanani

Psst – see how the mother’s list compares to the daughter’s list!