#MMLove! The Grateful Calendar 2014

#MMLove! The Grateful Calendar 2014

Malini Agarwal

My friend Candice Pereira (wedding planner at Marry Me Weddings) sent me this adorable calendar the other day and it’s extra special because it was the best kind of gift -a gift for no reason! Thanks to her I have now discovered the adorable artwork of Alicia Souza who creates these keepsakes from her magical basement!

PS. Since Valentines’ Day is around the corner she has a bunch of cute gift ideas for you too!

The best thing about this calendar (apart from its epic cuteness) is that it reminds you to be grateful for the simple things we often take for granted, and be grateful everyday.

From socks to stars and sunshine to puppies. In fact it kinda makes you want to sing this song… :)

Thanks for spreading the happiness Alicia, I’m a big fan of that :) xoxo