Dr.Rashmi Shetty
Dr.Rashmi Shetty

If one facial feature deserves our attention most; it has to be those LIPS! Stay tuned for a  lip tip of the day to help you pucker up perfectly for your winter Valentine! FYI,  the lips have no oil glands which is why they keep chapping!

1. Make sure you stop licking your lips, as the saliva can irritate it further. And also while it dries out it, it further dries up the lip.

2. No petroleum jelly – this can only act as a barrier. Which means that if a surface has its own moisture, it can protect it from losing it, but does not add any moisture. So what you need is a cream or bees’ wax. My favorite is good old Pond’s cold cream. Apply a thick layer while you sleep and see what it does when you wake up!

Priyanka Chopra in Mikhael Kale
Priyanka Chopra probably has the best lips in the business

3. Wash your lip often, and each time after food, so our Indian spices do not sting them further.

4.  A simple home remedy – coconut oil/ghee.

If you follow these tips regularly, you’re sure to see a change in your lips. xoxo