#MMLove: 10 Valentine's Day Rescue Films For Singles!

Marv D'Souza , 10 Feb 2014
10 Valentine's Day rescue films list
10 Valentine’s Day rescue films list

Love is in the air and all the mush is coming your way by the truckloads. So if you are single and not completely embracing the idea of cheesy romantic comedies, this list is for you! Well, I have tried my best to collect a few cult classics that are perfect to watch alone and not be lonely!

These are different kinds of love, so here goes!

For the Love of Best Friends


Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion is a not your average BFF film! I’d say it is the best old school #throwback BFF film, especially if you are the generation that loves Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. The film is a cult classic involving two best friends who weren’t popular in high school but decide to take matters into their hands to prove their self-worth at their school reunion. The film also features that one social reject who everyone thought was a lesbian because some folks can never understand individuality and love to stick labels on a person!

For The love Of Sheer comedy

This in one film that gets it all right. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are the super camp lovers who are desperately trying to hide their relation from Gene Hackman, who is a conservative politician stuck in a major political scandal. Alongside the insanely talented Hank Azaria and Calista Flockhart, this is another classic that will have you laughing through its 188 minutes!

For The Love Of A Good parody


If you haven’t yet watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights, you should now! The movie is filled with a lot of laughs and some pretty witty twist of the popular English folklore. All that you have read, heard or seen about Robin Hood is going to be put into one hilarious perspective. I believe that I have put it succinctly. Get it?!

Where is the love angle in this? Well, when one speaks of Robin Hood, Maid Marian isn’t far behind!

For Love Of The day Off When It Isn’t


Well, 14th February isn’t technically a holiday and neither was the day when Ferris decided to stay home. This movie is one of the best coming of age films and if you need some fun tips on getting through the love sick day, you’ll watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

For Love Of The timeless One Liners


I must say that I have yet to watch Andaz Apna Apna. (You may gasp here!) But having said that, I plan to watch this film soon as I am told that it is brilliant. A cult film with insane characters, especially Crime Master Gogo! Maybe it’s time you revisited this Bollywood cult classic too.

For The Love Of Existentialism and all those big words


I happened to stumble upon this film one bored evening and I must warn you, it takes a whole lot of concentration to keep up. Which may result in you forgetting all about your single status this Valentine’s.

The film talks of theories on love, dreams, humanity, existentialism, time travel and a lot more. But here’s the catch, it’s an animation film and is executed by the guy who made Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Dazed And Confused and many more. Enough said!

For The Love Of Dangerous loving


Dil Se is probably one of the best Indian films ever made and way ahead of its time! You never know who or when you may fall hard in love and this movie talks about just that in an extremely violent setting. And it not cheesy! So if you’re looking for a film that is packed with brilliant performances, beautiful visuals and the one of A. R. Rahman‘s best music scores, Dil Se is your film.

P.S. Manisha Koirala is in this film and she is awesome!

For The Love Of Nothing, but fine acting


This is a film starring George Clooney, Tilda SwintonJohn MalkovichBrad Pitt and Frances McDormand. The plot here winds into weird turns and twists with hard hitting dialogues and some performances presented as a matter of fact but insanely spot on! Burn After Reading is no Pulp Fiction but it is a film that you must watch.

For the love of Old School Bollywood

You hardly ever get a dose of ‘dishum dishum’, a theatrical-meets-cliche-meets-brilliant story line and songs that have their own personality. Frankly, no matter what i say, I will not be able to summarize this blockbuster. The fact is that Tridev is a prime representation of an era in Indian cinema and can’t be recreated! If you know of any such films in the recent past, please recommend them to me in the comments.

P.S. This one stars Naseeruddin Shah and he is ‘legen (wait for it) dary’!

For The Love After Life


Well, I simply had to put this love story. This is in fact, a twisted romantic dark comedy. All characters in the film are dead and in this weird afterlife station which everyone who commits suicide are stuck, and that’s the uniqueness of this film. A depiction of this weird afterlife universe and how the characters are waiting for their time of judgment, and between all of it is a boy looking for the love of his life, now that’s a good plot to end this list!

So there you go, 10 cult films to help you keep your mind off being single on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for a Singles’ Guide To Spending Valentine’s Day. Till then, let me know what you think of this list and I would love to hear your off beat V-Day recommendations in the comments below!

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