Sane Ways For Singles To Spend Valentine's Day
Sane Ways For Singles To Spend Valentine’s Day

“Single On Valentine’s Day.” Are these dreaded words annoying you? Well don’t stress. You don’t have to miss out on all the love just because you’re single. We’ve put together 6 very sane and non-depressing ways for you to have some fun today! So spread the love, and enjoy 🙂

Treat yourself to some loving.

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means lots of awesome promotions from your favorite brands. Block out the mushy overload, and focus on that one ever important four letter word of Valentine’s Day… SALE! Go buy yourself 3 things – Something fun, something necessary and something expensive, just because you know you deserve it!

Dance it out!


No whining. No complaining. Grab a friend or just make it on your own. Sign up for a trial at a dance class of your choice and shake it out!

Into Bollywood dancing? Check this out!

Singles Night Out

Perfect opportunity to rock out with you single pals. Get your motley crew together and head out the clubs with all your might. Where to go? Check MissMalini’s list of clubs in Mumbai. (A few of these clubs may not be open, but there are plenty of great places to choose from!)

Catch Up Over Comfort Food

If you want some company, but don’t want to dine with complete strangers, pull out your phone book (e.g. facebook page), and find 4 random ‘friends’ who you don’t know very well. Invite them over for a meal, and get to know them better over some comfort food! It’s a brilliant take on the popular TV show, Come Dine With Me.


By the way, there is an Indian version of the show too!

Movie Marathon


W have a great movie list specifically designed to NOT remind out of your single status. Settle in for a night of some fun, trippy and indie cult films that you may or may not have seen. It’s a great way to avoid the bombardment of mushiness on the telly.

Stay Calm

All said and done, don’t stress of these arbitrary 24 hours. Enjoy your singledom, play the field, hang with loved ones, and, most importantly, just spread the love!

And you know that we love stories from our readers, so do tell us how you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day in the comments below.

P.S. #Twingles on Twitter is pretty active with singles constantly tweeting!