Watch This Video - 'She Called Me Bhaiyya' #MMLove

Aadar Malik , 14 Feb 2014

I first met Aadar Malik as a member of Ash Chandler’s Ministry of Schtick and he totally cracked me up, so when he Tweeted me this hilarious Valentine’s Day video I just had to share it with you. If you’ve ever been put (or have put someone) in the “Bhaiya” zone – which is far worse than the better known “friends zone” be sure to share and leave a comment below! Love, MM xoxo

Valentines day isn’t just a day that pains single women it’s also a day that makes single men miserable. After being Bhai-zoned several times Schitz En Giggles comedian Aadar Malik has written this hilarious song about the trials of a Indian boy. We are sure most of you can RELATE!



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