Salman Khan, his painting and Ashmit Patel
Salman Khan, his painting and Ashmit Patel

That Ashmit Patel and Salman Khan have been buddies over the years is well-known to people within the film industry. And if you watched Jai Ho, you would have seen Ashmit playing Salman’s best friend in the film.

After the film released, Salman presented Ashmit with an exquisite canvas painting, created by the superstar, himself.

Says Ashmit, “Working with Salman was such a nice experience and when I got his gift, I was more than happy.”

Adds the actor, “While we were shooting for Jai Ho, there was a scene in the film where Salman’s character Jai, scribbles and makes a human chain on a piece of newspaper. When the shot was over, Salmanbhai wanted to paint and asked for his colours to be brought where they were shooting. He ended up painting this beautiful piece of art then and there,” says Ashmit.

Take a look at a close-up of Salman’s art-work:

Salman's artwork for Ashmit
Salman’s artwork for Ashmit

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