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Secret Stud
Secret Stud

Anonymous writes: Hi secret stud, there is this guy in my work place who initially asked me out for dates and we had good time..he use to show me off in the office also but now he kinda ignores me..any advices?

Dear Anonymous,

It’s unclear to me what your previous relationship status was. When you say he was “showing you off in the office,” was he showing you off as his girlfriend? If so, then I think you have a right to ask him what’s going on. He can’t just use you as a trophy one minute and discard you the next. However, if you just went on some dates without any further progression, then it’s possible he’s lost interest. Frankly, if that’s the case, the only way you’ll get his attention again is by NOT seeking it. While a true stud wouldn’t have this problem, the truth is many guys feel suffocated if a partner showers them with too much attention, or it just gets to their head and they start looking for a bigger challenge. Either way, it’s not very studly, and you deserve better.

Regardless, sometimes you just have to accept that it wasn’t meant to be and move on. Keep smiling and living your life and I’m sure the right guy will find you. Then you’ll be the one showing him off to your friends.

Keep it real,

Aisha writes: Hello, I seriously need your help. So I’m in a serious relationship with this guy. This is my first ever serious relationship after 3-4 time passes! I confess I was not serious at the initial stage but his love have compelled to me love him back ! Last week we had a fight and it reminded him suddenly all of how I used to ignore him earlier, flirt with other guys (I admit I get a lot of male attention!) or used to be not serious with him. I tried to explain him that now he’s my world and now i love him seriously. But he’s stuck with those old wounds and says though he loves me, he will never be able to forgive me. Please help! We both love each other so our world would be perfect if he forgives me..!! Yours sincerely, Aisha.

Dear Aisha,

First of all, let’s get something straight. A true stud would never be insecure about other guys. He wouldn’t pass up on the girl who’s with him now just because of who she was with before. In fact, he would expect his partner to receive attention from other admirers. After all, if she’s with him, she must be pretty darn special.

That being said, it’s understandable that he has trust issues with you. So the first question you have to ask yourself is this – how much do you really care about this guy? Are you serious enough about him to ignore all the attention you get? Or do you just love him now because he’s questioning your relationship? If you’re serious, then here’s your challenge. Prove to him that you’re serious. Do exactly the opposite of what you would normally do (or what he expects you to do) in a difficult situation. This will prove to him that you’re willing to change for him. You won’t win him back overnight. Trust takes time to build. But keep doing this consistently and soon he’ll be singing you this song:

And if that doesn’t work, slap the sissy upside the head and tell him to man up. What kind of loser cries about your exes? If he’s a real stud, he’ll be happy to know he won you in the end, ESPECIALLY if he was in competition with other guys.

Trust me,

PS: He gets bonus points if he sings you the original, much studlier, French version of the song:

Mihika writes:

Hi stud 🙂 How ru? Need some fashion advice. I am 5 months prego and need to attend my cousins cocktail party.. in few days.. in Delhi (I hear its less than 10 degrees at night there these days). what should i wear?? I am in a weird stage right now, where I look neither perg nor in shape 🙁 No Indian Traditional wears please.. so what kind of dress or accessories should I go with  🙁 Plzzz help

Dear Mihika,

I’m doing great! Most studs would have trouble with this question, I know, but then they wouldn’t be real studs. So here’s my advice.

The first thing you need to do is wear a layer underneath your outfit to keep yourself warm. The best silhouette for you is the empire cut. It’s form-fitting at the bust and then flows freely downwards. Do not chose fabrics that are too thick or it might make you look bulky. But stay clear of fabrics like chiffon (yes, I said “chiffon”) because they won’t shield you from the cold. Keep an extra layer in the form of a jacket and a nice silk shawl handy. Dress you ears with beautiful earrings to keep all attention on your radiant face. And most importantly, check out MissMalini’s post on rocking the baby bump here.

I’m not pregnant, I swear,

Gold Ferrari
Gold Ferrari

Beny writes: Hey secret stud, am in love with a girl, she knows it very well but she is in a relationship with a guy, she doesnt love him at all, he aint a good match for her and she knows that am the one who love her more than anyone has ever loved her, so please do give me some tips get her back in my life forever…i need her badly

Dear Beny,

I need a gold plated Ferrari badly, but apparently it’s going to take another 6 weeks to be delivered. Sometimes, you just have to be patient.

But how do you know she doesn’t love her current guy? And what makes you think she loves you more? One time, I almost bought a BMW because I thought I loved it the most. But then I test drove a Porsche and realized it was more my style. Silly me!

By now you’ve probably guessed that I have no real answers for you. The truth is, if she knows you love her, and she’s still with this other guy, then she needs to finish things with him on her own terms, and not because you’re pressuring her. That will end in disaster. Like the time the Lamborghini salesmen tried to convince me to buy the winter package. I live in India, duh! I had to return that shit the next day.

Vroom vroom,

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