Diva Starr's Lips Are Sealed

Diva Starr , 06 Mar 2014
Diva Starr
Diva Starr

Nourish your lips with some colour? Yes please!

Let’s face it ladies, we do love our make-up. My normal day look consisted of just concealer and mascara, before I discovered tinted lip balm. I feel it minimally adds to a natural look. What could be better than a combination of moisture and a hint of colour to pucker up your day? It feels good to have a change from lipstick, which can always be applied once the sun goes down ;).

A few tinted lip balms that I feel truly live up to the name-
1) MAC tinted lip conditioner
2) Burt’s Bees
3) Maybelline baby lips
4) Nivea tinted lip care
5) Benefit cosmetics lip tint

Tinted-ly Yours,

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