Bollywood Playlist: Songs For The Broken-Hearted

Bollywood Playlist: Songs For The Broken-Hearted

Rashmi Daryanani
Songs for the broken hearted
Songs for the broken-hearted

We’ve all experienced the heartbreak and loneliness that can come along with a failed relationship or a case of unrequited love. There are many things that can help you get over that kind of pain, like ice cream, girl power music, or a trashy chick flick. But sometimes, the best thing you can do is allow yourself to wallow a little before you begin to pick up the pieces. For that particular phase, we’ve created a Bollywood playlist filled with songs of missing that special person who’s no longer around. Use it as a means to get all the tears out of your system… and then crank up the Beyoncé, because you can have another him in a minute.

1. Bin Tere

Koi khalish hai hawaoon mein bin tere

2. Jiyein Kyun

Tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai

3. Dooriyan

Kabhi hua yeh bhi khali rahon pe bhi tu tha mere saath

4. Yaariyan

Tanhaiyon se hoga ab dil ka vaasta

5. Chhaaye Hai Tanhayee

Jisko hai kho jaana, woh milta hi kyun hai?

6. Teri Aahatein

Sab kuch wahi hai, par kuch kami hai

7. Kuch Kam

Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise… tere liye hi thehra ho jaise

8. Tere Bin

Tanha hai tujh bin raatein meri

9. Tujhe Bhula Diya

Tujhe bhula diya… phir kyun teri yaadon ne mujhe rula diya?

10. Kahin Toh Hogi Woh

Kahin toh hogi woh duniya jahan tu mere saath hain