Contest: MissMalini Brings You #7DaysForMom With Google+

Contest: MissMalini Brings You #7DaysForMom With Google+

Malini Agarwal

Congratulations to my #7DaysForMom winners! Andrea Brown (for the Aasha Foundation), Anupama Vijay, Stuti Shrimali, Richa Shailendra, Radhika Sriram, Nasrin Begam and my mommy Manjulika Agarwal!
please write to to claim your mom’s prizes! Yay :)


Remember my #MissionMommy back in 2012, well this year we decided to make 7 special mom’s very very happy in the run up to Mother’s Day which is on Sunday May 11th! All you have to do is log on to Google Plus and post a wish (i.e. an idea for how YOU would like to surprise your mom) this Mother’s Day and we’ll make 7 wishes come true, one each day, all week long in the run up to Mother’s Day! And don’t forget to hashtag #7DaysForMom when you make your wish. xoxo

PS. On Monday May 5th we will be gifting your mommies prizes on the hour every hour from 7 HOURS! 10am to 5pm. All you have to do is post a photo of you and your mom with the hashtag #7DaysForMom on your G+ Page! (Yes you can start now!)

Psst! If you’re out of ideas, here are a few fun we thought up for you! Pick one and post it on Google+ NOW – and add a picture of you and your mom if you like! Also don’t forget to tag me in your post :)


1. Gift mom a shopping spree!
2. Take mom to dinner & a movie.
3. Make mom meet a celebrity. (Like her favourite actor/actress, just tell us which one!)
4. Take mom on a spa day.
5. Take mom to The Kingdom of Dreams show. (Trust me, she’ll LOVE it!)
6. Fly home to surprise mom!
7. Surprise mom with a special home cooked meal.
8. Gift mom an amazing home cleanup service!
9. Buy mom a designer sari.
10. Take mom on a holiday for 2!
11. Make mom a music video about how awesome she is.
12. Gift mom a fun music/singing/art class.
13. Buy mom a special gift you know she wants.
14. Surprise mom with a Mother’s Day Google+ hangout if you’re very far away!
15. Dedicate a playlist of songs to mom from YouTube.
16. Have mom chat with another celebrity mom!
17. Record a celebrity Mother’s Day wish for mom.
18. Take mom to a super fancy restaurant.
19. Plan a romantic date for mom and dad!
20. Tell mom how much you love her :)
PS. Don’t miss all the awesome mom love on G+ all next week. Follow the hashtag for #7DaysForMom!