Guess Which Bollywood “Friendship” Is Hitting a Roadblock?

Guess Who
Guess Who

A lot of rumours have done the rounds in the past about a much married superstar and his alleged affair with a leading Bollywood actress, who has also been his co-star. However, their friendship – or whatever you may want to call it – has been hitting some major roadblocks as of late. The actress, it seems, feels that this actor is not supporting her alternate career or using some of his contacts to get her more opportunities.

In fact, there was an incident recently when she wanted him to tweet a link to one of her projects. However, her friends all advised against asking him to do so, saying that it would only add fire to the speculation of their affair.

It’s not only that, though – the actress also seems to be taking offense to the superstar’s friendship with another leading heroine, who he is currently working with – and who may also be a part of another one of his upcoming projects.

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