5 Cheesy Bollywood Proposals That Wouldn’t Work In Reality

5 Cheesy Bollywood Proposals That Wouldn’t Work In Reality

Samreen Tungekar
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood junkies, you have to agree with me here. We are always happy when the couple ends up together or when India wins every match because well, it is a Hindi movie. We love it all, we really do. But there are these very cheesy Bollywood proposals that make me go, “Seriously, that?”

So here’s a list of 5 extremely mainstream Bollywood proposals that probably wouldn’t work in reality:

1. Airport Wala Love

I know I know, everyone knows this is fiction and cannot happen in real life but does that stop filmmakers from making this the proposal scene in movies even today? Nah. Right from a random Chalte Chalte to the awesome Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, they barge into the airport and request the officials to let them through. A special mention to Ishq, where they stopped the ship from sailing! Besides, a man/woman who realizes his/her feelings only when the other half is leaving for good is a bit of a slow situation. So no, doesn’t work and cannot happen.

2. Wake Me Up When You’re getting Hitched, I’ll Come.

Almost all films did that but 3 Idiots, why would you create that scene and make the rest of the awesome film look cheesy? My father has spent all his hard earned money on this wedding, I want nothing less than a Manish Malhotra bridal collection in my trousseau and then I run away with someone else. If not, the situation is “Sab utne hi khush raho jitne ho. Sab wahi hai. Sirf Aditya ko hataake Anshuman ko daal de.” as proposed in Jab We Met. No way!

3. Please Propose Using A Mic, Because Otherwise I Can’t Hear You.

So it’s prom night or something and the guy who broke your heart for a better looking girl and materialistic gains suddenly decides to come back to you and how? Apologizing on the mic because obviously, the rest of the people have nothing better to do at their prom night than listen to you ranting about your drawbacks and you’re smart because that way, if the girl refuses, she is the snob. In reality, the girl will show you the finger and walk out because well, she doesn’t care about being a snob.

4. Are You Dying? Wait! I Love You!

Kurbaan comes to my mind along with a couple of films that mixed tragedy and romance to make you hate the world where people in love are also mortal. All this while, she couldn’t stand him but dhishkiyaoon! He is shot and before he dies, he has to tell her he loves her and vice versa. Real life doesn’t give you the time for that kind of romance, bro.

5. Emergency Wala Love.

Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in '2 States'
Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in ‘2 States’

I am in the most important interview/ meeting of my life that I have earned after staying away from home and family for years only to have someone crash that to tell me he/she loves me. Yes, this is what I was waiting for while trying to impress my employers. No, you didn’t completely disregard my priority at all. So I said yes too. Wow.

Tell me, what kind of Bollywood proposal would never work for you?