20 Iconic Fashion Pieces From Bollywood Films We’d Love To Own

20 Iconic Fashion Pieces From Bollywood Films We’d Love To Own

Marv D'Souza
Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit

Bollywood, old and new, is a treasure trove for artistic inspiration – from the lavish sets to those unforgettable characters in their infamous costumes. We’ve been watching the promos of Filmistaan in the office as of late, and all the Bollywood references have got us thinking back on our favourite films from the past several years. This sparked a discussion on those iconic fashion pieces in Bollywood films, and by the end of it, we came away with a list of those items we were completely obsessed with.

In this post, we’re boiling down some of those awesome looks that come with the potential to stand the test of time. And as the years go by, these looks will still be as fabulous as they were when we first saw them.

1. Mumataz’ Orange Sari


I had to start this list with Mumtaz. The sari drape is sexy, flirty and timeless! Remember when MissMalini took inspiration from the look?

2. Zeenat Aman’s jumbo shades in Hare Rama HAre Krishna


Yup! With the likes of Jackie O and Audrey was our very own Zeenat Aman. Those huge sunnies aren’t just a classic, they’re a freakin’ statement in style, and in India, the Dum Maaro Dum girl rocked it like a star!

3. Chura Liya HAi jumpsuit


Zeenie baby strikes again! She wore this look while serenading her on-screen lover in the song Chura Liya Hai. It’s clearly a timeless piece, because if you look around, palazzos and jumpsuits are huge and always a favorite!

4. The belt in Sholay

The infamous belt in Sholay
The infamous belt in Sholay

It’s not a style thing. It’s a must-have for the Bollywood lover.

5. KHaike Paan BAnaras print

Whether on Amitbah Bachchan’s waist coat or on Shah Rukh Khan’s shirt, the polka print and it’s variation is one element that could be styled in different ways. It sometimes may get tricky but hey, Bollywood doesn’t do subtle. So deal with it!

6. Bollywood Hat Tricks

Hats in Bollywood
Hats in Bollywood

There obviously is a hat fetish in Bollywood and these are just a few that appeared on the tip of the iceberg. Why are they on the list? Accessories and statement pieces are key in style, and these hats nail them both!

7. Kareena’s Suspenders in Tashan

Kareena's suspenders in Tashan
Kareena’s suspenders in Tashan

Bless stylist Aki Narula for giving us a few more cool ways of rocking the suspenders.

8. Salman colourful denims in Judwaa


Well, not as tight or worn as high as he does in the video. But coloured denims are definitely a staple in style and Salman wears a whole rainbow of tones in the film.

9. Madhuri’s shalwar suits in Dil Toh Pagal HAi


The one featured in the video above is probably my best pick. Madhuri‘s wardrobe in the film was desi heavy and we love it!

10. Ranbir’s jackets in Rockstar

The jackets in Rockstar
The jackets in Rockstar

This was the best grunge avatar Bollywood has done! And each jacket had a its own unique look. Desi boys in bands, take note!

11.  Suresh Oberoi’s sunglasses in Coolie

The open and shut shades!
The open and shut shades!

I wanted these since the moment I saw them as a child. Tres cool!

12. Mithun’s printed lungi in Agneepath

Mithun's printed lungi
Mithun’s printed lungi

How cool his the print on the lungi? Desi psychedelic chic , I say!

13. Shilpa Shetty’s leopard print look in Chura Ke Dil Mera

Shilpa Shetty's leopard love
Shilpa Shetty’s leopard love

Frankly, as iconic as this look is, it best you don’t wear it together. Tame it down by just wearing the top with a pair of sexy jeans or a loose white fluid tunic with the pencil mini leopard print skirt.

14. Sadhana’s bodycon salwar suits


From Shilpa‘s sexy top and mini skirts to something more covered and yet sexy – presenting Sadhana‘s iconic figured hugging salwars!

15. Sushmita sen’s file covers in Main Hoon na

Sushmita Sen's file covers in Main Hoon Na
Sushmita Sen’s file covers in Main Hoon Na

Matching file covers with gorgeous saris? Ka-ching!

16. Sharmila’s swimwear

Sharmila Tagore's sexy beach looks
Sharmila Tagore’s sexy beach looks

This is in our list purely for the vintage style in Bollywood cache.

17. The Patiala bottoms

The Patiala pants
The Patiala pants

Rani wore them in Bunty Aur Bubli and then Kareena gave them a twist in Jab We Met. And since then, they’re a style staple in the desi girl’s wardrobe.

18. Jeetandra’s White pants.


They’re retro chic and perfect for the Sunday brunch. Just skip the white skirt and white shoes.

19. Jodha’s JEWELRY

Jodha's jewelry
Jodha’s jewelry

It will definitely stand the test of time!

20. MAdhuri’s MAar Dala look

This look represents the grand, over-the-top style of Bollywood and hence is our closing pick!

Obviously, this isn’t all Bollywood had to offer. Tell us your favouirte ico Bollywood look that you would love to grab. We’d love to know!