BandraRoad Street Playlist: 3 Tracks To Bring In The Street Element

BandraRoad Street Playlist: 3 Tracks To Bring In The Street Element

Marv D'Souza
The Burning Man Festival (Pic:
The Burning Man Festival (Pic:

We’re back with 3 more tracks! Our BandraRoad playlist is quickly taking form. We shared our first 3 songs with you here and for this instalment, I thought of taking you to a different place.

Time by Pachanga Boys

I lost all sense of where I was, and what was I doing, when I watched this video. The images and sounds completely sucked me in. I started thinking about my wardrobe. If I ever had a chance to join the Burning Man festival: what would I wear, who would I be and how would I feel?. Every one, in the video, seems so happy and free to express themselves, in every possible way. That’s how it should be!

Giants by Bear Hands

This is how we do it. The video is a montage featuring a gang of street cool peeps, just out in the town, killing it. Make your little notes on style while you watch this video. There are some cool pieces and bad-ass looks in there. I like the studded bustier bra and the printed sweater. What’s your pick?

Mi Mujer by Nicholas Jaar

It is pretty hot and sticky in Mumbai, with humidity in the air and the summer sun. This video kinda took me back to my “Sundown Days” in the month of January with Surelee Joseph and few of our buddies, just dancing the evening away. Bliss, as we call it!

What’s on your playlist? We’d love to hear it. It could be a cool tune or just some rad video that you like. Share it with us and we’ll share it with the world, right here on #BandraRoad. Stay tuned for your fill on the street life with us. Plenty more coming your way, so you better keep up with us.

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