7 Things Wrong With The CallerTune Song From Humshakals!

7 Things Wrong With The CallerTune Song From Humshakals!

Dhruvi Shah
Humshakals Cast & Director
Humshakals Cast & Director

Here’s the thing. We are suffering and while we don’t want you to as well, we simply had to share the pure evil genius that struck us while watching this hideous song. Yes, we’re talking about “Callertune” from Humshakals. So, Sajid Khan has directed a movie titled Humshakals, featuring an ensemble cast of six, of which three actors play triple roles. That gives you nine times the fun. Too much math for you? Don’t bother. As most other things, this information about the movie is pointless too. The first trailer featured a track called “Callertune“, the video of which was released later. Now, for some reason, the crew of the film thought it would be fun to shoot a making-of documentary. Unfortunately, I watched that clip too. In the wise words of Sajid Khan, there’s only one step in the song, it’s really simple and you should try it at home. No thanks!

Here’s the song:

And here are 7 things very wrong with it!

1. It’s called Callertune

Dude, callertunes are so passé. No one shows them off anymore, you know. And why would I want to make someone my callertune? Why?

2. Saif Ali Khan is trying to look 20 years younger

It’s not working, Saif. We loved you for Dil Chahta Hai, Omkara, Ek Hasina Thi. We forgave you for Salaam Namaste. But now you’re crossing the line. Humshakals is simply not done, bro.

3. If there had to be just one step, at least make it worth our while

Okay, so you think you had this genius idea of just one step in a song. At least make it interesting than making non-dancing actors groove to it like they’re being punished.

4. You hired extras in London to do that?

5. You went to London and did that?

6. If that’s how a girl reacts on receiving roses, there would be world peace by now

I mean, seriously, no girl has so much glee on her face on receiving roses from a boy doing that step. You’ll be friend zoned for sure!

7. It’s so annoying, you wish you had never heard it ‘cuz it’s stuck in your head

If you live in India, you have travelled by the local train at least once in your life. When the street kids come and sing Bollywood songs in the most nasal sound ever, you wish you could shut them up. But you can’t and then that voice is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Exactly how Callertune makes us feel.

Don’t try this at home. It’s detrimental to good health. Now that’s funny, isn’t it?