Last week we kicked off our #RealTalk series with 38 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Girl (According to Her!) And as promised, this week I polled the boys (a mix of actors, entrepreneurs, men-about-town and even a dentist!) with the EXACT same question. What are the girls doing wrong when they’re trying to get the guy… and BOY did they answer. (With a vengeance!) Are you ready ladies? This might sting a little…!

Die alone meme
Die alone meme

*Remember, this is a list that we compiled by polling some real guys that we know, and taking their most interesting answers. Obviously you may disagree with some of their points of view, but it’s more fun when you know what you’re arguing against, isn’t it? 🙂

photo courtesy: lifeintensity
photo courtesy: lifeintensity

1. You’re nagging and snapping at him constantly for no reason at all (according to him).
2. You’re always presuming he is playing you… cause “ALL MEN DO” (according to you)… when actually he is genuinely interested.
3. You keep waiting for men to make the first move or make the first call not realizing that a lot of good guys are too shy to make the first bold step.
4. You’re too materialistic. (What you wear, where you stay, what you drive. Remember these are all nice-to-have, not NEED-to-have.)

Pre-nup meme
Pre-nup meme

5. You’re a control freak!
6. You’re an excessive planner. It’s ok to let go!
7. You’re not very caring. Guys like to take care of their woman but we like to be pampered too once in a while (especially when we’re sick!)
8. You don’t seem loyal to me or anyone else.
9. You’re a religious fanatic!
10. You have no professional ambition and would prefer to be a pampered housewife.
11. You’re unable to balance career and a family. Women are stronger than that!
12. You don’t have a healthy sense of humour.
13. You don’t make an effort with my friends. It’s not just about us!

ZNMD meme
ZNMD meme

14. You don’t have independent interests, or any interests – his favorite pastimes become yours. Which is not great for the long run.
15. You don’t take care of yourself mentally or physically.
16. You aren’t close to your family, for no good reason. If she doesn’t get along with her own family, she’s not going to get along with mine.
17. You’re a sloppy drunk – that’s pretty bad.

Drunk meme
Drunk meme

18. You don’t care about current events or what’s happening in the world.
19. You already mentioned the M word and we have only been on 3 dates (true story).
20. You need too much care and attention. Men like independent women!
21. Your friends and I don’t get along.
22. You’re too obsessed with your weight or looks. Be healthy, not obsessive.
23. You call too much.

Call meme
Call meme

24. You’re always fishing for compliments, and get angry when you don’t get them.
25. You’re all about women’s rights… except when it comes to paying the bill (even just offering to would be nice).
26. You think “Sex & the City” is the way the world really works.
27. You hate sports.
28. You get too competitive with your friends and what they have or are doing.
29. You have only guy friends and you flirt with all of them.
30. You’re always insecure when I’m out with my friends.

Guys night meme
Guys night meme

31. You have no sense of adventure when on holiday and only want to hang out at 5 Star resorts.
32. You think “Shopping” is the only way to spend a holiday.
33. Too much baby talk.
34. You need too much positive reinforcement. Confidence is sexy.
35. Your dad is too intense.

Baap meme
Baap meme

36. You don’t let me play my video games.
37. You only want to watch romanic comedies and nothing else.
38. You use words like “Deffy,” “Obvi,” and “Totes Amazeballs,” and you’re not kidding.

Disclaimer: the views expressed by our #RealTalk contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Team MissMalini.