7 Sexy Songs To Help You Get It On!

7 Sexy Songs To Help You Get It On!

Marv D'Souza
7 Sinful Tracks To Get You In The Mood (Pic: Still from " Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac)
7 Sinful Tracks To Get You In The Mood (Pic: ” Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac)

Let’s face it. There’s something about the monsoon that triggers certain restless emotions deep within us. Call it love or pure fantasy, you can’t escape it. Here are 7 sinful tracks to get you into the mood!

Beware: Things can get pretty frisky!

1. Straight To Number 1 by Touch & Go

Looking for a naughty game? Try Touch & Go‘s Straight To Number One. It has all the sexy a track needs. Beats, a sensual voice, minimal use of words. And that trombone!


2. Insensible by Mandalay

Insensible starts of with a Buddha Bar-esque vibe. The vocals crawl in fluidly, the mood intensifies and then bam! It’s officially sexy time!

3. Wicked Game by  Chris Isaac

This one needs no introduction or explanations. Just press play and let it do its thing! Chris Isaac’s lyrics and the guitar strings will blaze the trail.

4. Erotica by Madonna

You know we’re pulling out the big guns when Madonna enters the list. From a running commentary to explicit visuals of lust and forbidden bondage, this track packs a mouthful.

Warning: Not for the weak.

5. Slow by Kylie Minogue

Planning to stay in and do nothing? Well, the moment this song plays, it’s all going to be slow… real slow! Just pay attention to the “body language”.


6. The First Taste by Fiona Apple

Let this one help you set the vibe. Lure your partner in with a little dance maybe?


7. Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros

Too many words can ruin your rhythm. Leave it the boys from Iceland to come up with sounds so organic that it elevates the experience to a cosmic level. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Listen to this.

So there you have it. 7 sexy tracks to get you in the mood and keep you there. In fact, once you’re done, you could possibly Do The Rex! So tell us, what’s your favourite song to get it on?