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who could it be now?
who could it be now?

So…. remember Lufthansa Guy (aka my Lufthansa Spy)? The one who first confirmed the Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif dating rumours to MissMalini back in February 2011 – because he happened to be seated across from them on the same flight in first class? (Ya, #EpicTiming.) Well I had drinks with him last night and he mentioned a little bit of celebrity spotting that soon turned into a full blown episode of detective-giri until early this afternoon! Here’s how it happened 🙂

first class meme
first class meme

9:00pm at Soul Fry

Lufthansa Guy: Hey so I saw this actor, outside the Taj Land’s End Hotel last night looking pretty hungover…. He was with some girl…
MissMalini: Really? Who was it?!
LF: I don’t know his name, but I recognized him, he did a bunch of movies in the 2000s I think. Not one of the new guys, he’s been around a while…

And from this point onwards (and after we had relocated to Big Bang Cafe and then Elbo Room we Googled up a storm trying to figure out who he was!) Some of our searches included:

“top bollywood actors”
“90s bollywood actors”
“2000s bollywood movies”
“2005 bollywood movies”

And of course the names of various actors, young and old as I made my guesses!

And Nada. NOTHING. Every star I thought it might be, it wasn’t. The closest we ever came to identifying him, was a cross between Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra with a little bit of Shahid Kapoor thrown in….

1:12pm this afternoon on Gchat…

LF: FOUND HIM! Name 1 f’in movie this guy is in!
MM: OMG hahaha
LF: seriously
MM: now tell me again what he was doing? I am blogging this RIGHT now.
LF: ha ha he was outside Taj Hotel, looking hungover at 7pm, he was with a chick, didn’t get a good look at her, I didn’t want to stare…st
MM: You’re a star. Was she Indian?
LF: …and was too busy taking a pic from my Nokia.
MM: did you get a picture?!
LF: no
MM: even a fuzzy one?
LF: no nothing
MM: you are a legend tho regardless.
LF: ha ha. I can sleep finally.
LF: def going to pass out on the plane…
MM: keep your eyes open!
LF: ha ha
MM: how did you figure out who it was btw?
LF: Googled “worst Bollywood actors
MM: hahaha no way
MM: Hahahahaha
LF: I was like … YEEEESS! I knew he sucked.
MM: what are the various things we Googled last night?!
LF: I knew he was famous, b’list… 2005 actor
LF: we Googled bollywood actors 2007 / 2008 / 2005
MM: hahaha
LF: not 1 f’in pic of him
LF: so tells you how great he is
MM: hahahahaha
LF: but honestly he hasn’t been in a lot of films
LF: I can’t name 1 song or 1 film
LF: never would watch the type of stuff he does
LF: you get it right?
MM: yes! It makes perfect sense.
LF: you should, make it a mystery game
LF: ever get the feeling you know someone is famous but have no clue who it is…?
LF: he had an air about him, away from the crowd…
LF: anyways, gotta run to a meeting, happy blogging!

Aftab Shivdasani
Aftab Shivdasani

And there you have it! Now it’s YOUR turn to “don” the (naam to suna hoga?) detective hat and tell me WHO you think Lufthansa Guy is talking about! Leave me your guesses in the comments below and yes, there WILL be prizes for guessing 🙂 xoxo