WATCH NOW: MissMalini, Chetan Kapoor & Ashwin Mushran Talk #FIFA On #MMFridays

Dhruvi Shah

Are you gearing up for Football season? FIFA 2014 in Brazil promises to be a super exciting time, and we’ve got our favorite footie boys, Chetan Kapoor and Ashwin Mushran to fill you in on all the action to watch out for and teams to support in a first-of-its-kind FIFA for Dummies G+ Hangout!

FIFA For Dummies #MMFridays G+ Hangout
FIFA For Dummies #MMFridays G+ Hangout

Don’t forget to tweet @MissMalini with #MMFridays and bonus points if you send her your FIFA face, like below. You could win #adidas #allin or nothing tees + the official football! Or simply tell us in the comments below why you deserve to win. xoxo

Nowshad and MissMalini's FIFA face
Nowshad and MissMalini’s FIFA face
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