Meet Phoebe. She's awesome
Meet Phoebe. She’s awesome

It counts to be “different”. That’s what Phoebe of FRIENDS will teach you. From her views on life and the weird jobs, she kept it real and took life as it came her way. Here’s what you can take from the adorably weird Phoebe Buffay Hannigan, immortalized by Lisa Kudrow!

1. She’s all about the strangeness

Phoebe has a strange imagination and she unabashedly embraces it. Did you know that in physics, ‘Strange’ is a part of 4 Quarks of an atom? They form the 2nd generation of Quarks that combine to create the atomic particles. So there is a little strangeness in all of us!


2. People see that and it brings them joy

Don’t let anything hold you back. There are always those who will love you for bringing something new to their life! Haters hate because they haven’t fully understood your potential. Give them time and a smile.

Phoebe's Dollhouse
Phoebe’s Dollhouse

3. She Has a Conscience and THAT’S her universe

Remember when she tried to save a random stranger who was thinking of killing himself?

4. she has a big heart

Okay, her decision to carry her brother’s baby babies was a little out there (as is she!). But look at the bigger picture. She came through for them.

5. Which means she is committed!

Remember when she tried to have a little fun by playing the “they don’t know, we know that they know we know” game!

6. She’s got an eye for art!

It’s not what other people call art. But that’s the thing about art. It starts a discussion.

7. She’s a raw talent and won’t let anyone polish it

Smelly cat can’t be tamed!

8. She always sees the bigger picture

When Ross and his ex-wife’s lover, Susan fight over who will name the baby, Phoebe brings some perspective into their trivial fight. She says, “This is so great… ’cause when I was growing up, you know my dad left, and my mother died, and my stepfather went to jail, so I barely had enough pieces of parents to make one whole one. And here’s this little baby who has like three whole parents who care about it so much that they’re fighting over who gets to love it the most. And it’s not even born yet. It’s just, it’s just the luckiest baby in the whole world.”

Phoebe as janitor Ben
Phoebe as janitor Ben

9. And an even bigger mouth

Don’t piss her off.


10. But she’ll always have your back

She got back Joey’s audition! God knows he needed it.


11. Or she can break your back, if the need arises.

Well, you always need someone to discipline when the going gets rough. Case: When Rachel and Monica fight like immature little girls.

Phoebe twists Monica and Rachel into submission
Phoebe twists Monica and Rachel into submission

12. Or she’ll honestly say, “NO!”

Sometimes you just need a friend who doesn’t stand by you! Like her denim cut-offs? Check this.

Phoebe Wishes She Could But Doesn't Want To
Phoebe Wishes She Could But Doesn’t Want To

13. She’s original and men dig that!

Her one-liners and comebacks are the best!

The Smooth Phoebe
The Smooth Phoebe

14. She works her ass off doing what she loves

She was a masseuse, she sang in bars and a whole lot of things. She does what it takes to get to the good life.

Phoebe is a star
Phoebe is a star

15. She lives her life and gets what she deserves!

Her drug dealer mother committed suicide. She never really knew her father. Her twin sister doesn’t want anything to do with her. A homeless man spat in her mouth, she was a thug, she had it tough and dealt her way through it with a zest of life. She then met the man of her dreams and had her fairy tale moment! Things went wrong and it was a magical wedding.

So what’s your favourite Phoebe moment? Want more life lessons? Click here.