#RealTalk: 38 Signs You’re THAT Annoying Couple. (According to Us!)

MissMalini , 23 Jun 2014
annoying couples meme
annoying couples meme

Now that you know WHY You’re Not Getting the Girl (According to Her!) and also why You’re Not Getting the Guy (According to Him!) I’m assuming you’ve learnt from your mistakes and have found yourself in recent couple “bliss-dome”! BUT before you go becoming that awful annoying couple everyone avoids like the plague – read this blog and save yourself a whole lot of “Facebook unfriend-ing”!

Here are 38 Signs You’re THAT Annoying Couple according a gamut of my single, married and dating friends. Be honest, how many of THESE are you two guilty of, hmm?

1. You’re one of those “no you hang up first” couples.
2. You baby talk in public (keep that shit at home).
3. Bombarding FB with your couple selfies as you travel the world. (its great the first couple of times, not in every single location!)
4. You wear matching outfits and think its cute.

5. You constantly complain to your friends about your spouse.
6. You tell your “how we met” story to everyone you meet.
7. You’re too perfect – you know the type… those obnoxious perfect couples who have everything always going perfectly for them. (Barf.)
8. One of you is drastically hotter than the other and it just confuses people!

9. You forget all your other friends the moment you get together and disappear off the face of the planet.
10. You constantly tell inside jokes in group settings.
11. You constantly brag about your partner like they’re the king or queen of the world, (when in fact they totally suck.)
12. You complete each other’s sentences -you’re soul mates, I get it already.

13. You get sloppy drunk and start making out a little too aggressively. (Get a room!)
14. One of you is clearly just in it for the money.
15. While ordering food for a group, you take it for granted that everyone shares your partner’s food choices and will go with it.
16. You’re mouthing only your partner’s opinion and not having one of your own.

Tanishaa and Armaan
Tanishaa and Armaan

17. You use inside jokes or cutesy nicknames for each other in a group.
18. Not doing anything (even dinner with the girls) without first consulting the boy.
19. Planning your entire day (and life) around your partner’s schedule.
20. You show excessive PDA.

21. Constantly messaging each other lovey-dovey messages on their FB wall for everyone to see. (It’s called WhatsApp, use it.)
22. Over-sharing details of your partner (no one wants to know what gives him constipation!) #TrueStory
23. Uploading make-out pics on Instagram. How do you have time to take a pick while you’re making out anyway?! Please, use a filter… and I don’t mean Valencia!
24. You’re unable to make any conversation on any other topic besides your better half.

25. All your social media posts are about your relationship.
26. You’re at a social event and refuse to socialize with anyone but each other.
27. You get into public spats with strangers because they glanced at your partner! (Its not jealously its a psychotic disorder, in case you were wondering.)
28. You’re that “one balloon” couple ’nuff said.

29. You do a “couples high-five”, when you share the same thought.
30. You assume everyone is inviting both of you.
31. You say “we” when expressing your opinion.
32. You’re always taking selfies together.

Kim and Kanye
Kim and Kanye

33. You celebrate your weekly anniversary.
34. You refuse to let go of one another’s hands in public.
35. You feed each other in public.

36. You’re having public fights, then enlisting your friends helps to sort it out and then going back to your lover claiming it was a misunderstanding!
37. You always grind each other on the dance-floor.
38. You make everyone watch your terrible wedding video whenever they come over!

Psst! my girl IISuperwomanII knows a bunch more, check it out yaar! :)

What topic shall we tackle in our next in this series? You tell me in the comments below! With 38 signs that… :)

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