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Batman smack-handing Robin
Batman smack-handing Robin

Okay, drop whatever you’re doing and watch this. It’s called ‘smack hand’ and the video features goofy kids ‘smacking’ each other in a series of hilarious montages. Some of the bits are brutally funny and the rest are downright innovative!

(Thank you Surelee Joseph of BandraRoad for giving us this funny gem. It made my day!)

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(If you can’t see the video above click here.)

Pssst! In case you haven’t seen the ‘How Can She Slap” video, here it is!


And as an added treat, check this out the hilarious Maxim Bady’s views on the video, here.

Coming back to Smack Hand, in case, you need to defend your smack-handing with a reason, here you go… not that we’re encouraging you to do this, mind you! 🙂

I didn't slap you!
I didn’t slap you!

Have you ever smack handed anyone? Tell us in the comments below!