Are The Beatles Back?

Malini Rajan , 25 Jun 2014
The Beatles
The Beatles

Excuse me? When did they leave? The Beatles are EVERGREEN. Their music is ever-relevant and gets us grooving even today.

Today is Global Beatles Day, a now annual celebration of the phenomenon and music of the Beatles that originated in 2009. You can read more about the initiative here.

Team MissMalini asked some of our very own B-town musicians on who The Beatles are to them, as well as why and how they would celebrate the Global Beatles Day.

Just the mention of The Beatles bring flashing memories of all the happy things in life. Makes you think of love and about music you can listen to all day long. Check out what we’ve gathered for your reading pleasure.

Shankar Ehsaan Loy – Composers
Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Shankar Ehsaan Loy

The Beatles are the best song writers to have lived on this planet! The idea of a Global Beatles Day is a celebration in itself. The best way to celebrate the Global Beatles Day would be by playing all their music on the radio stations and making people aware of all their songs, not just the popular ones.

Sarosh Izedyar – Lead Guitarist, Farhan LIVE

The Beatles were a band of 4 guys who made simple songs with great harmony on guitar and vocals. Their songs would make a musician want to learn to play and sing them as soon as they heard them. For me as a guitarist, it had the most magnetic effect, and also since I grew up learning to play the guitar and learning to appreciate music at the same time, for me The Beatles made the entire experience extremely pleasurable and rejuvenating. Celebrating them, I would say, it is the least one can do, for the enormous amount of joy they have given us with their simple songs. On this day, I will try and learn a few more songs, ones which I haven’t so far.

Shannon Donald – Vocalist, Farhan LIVE

The Beatles is the greatest band ever for their creativity, their ability to make (and still make) every melody a tune that stuck in the heads of generations to come! They have spanned ten years of personal music growth for too many of us, sometimes even using The Beatles music as a reference for the definition of melody! Anyone who can create a phenomena like that needs to be celebrated! I am going to celebrate this day by playing every album all day, so that the whole building hears it, and to continue passing on the gift of The Beatles music to anyone who doesn’t know. Get ready, my future children!

Watch this video to see how people from around the world is celebrating The Global Beatles Day!

Also, here’s our special Beatles playlist for your hearing pleasure:-

Ehsaan’s Pick:-

The entire Abbey Road album. Here you go!

Sarosh’s Pick:-

Sarosh refused to single out one song but we pleaded and he gave in. So here’s one that he loves. In My Life it is!

Shannon’s Pick:-

Shannon’s mum is apprently a big fan of Sir Paul McCartney so we’re gonna put up Mrs. Donald’s picks as well. Her picks would be Blackbird and Yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!

Shannon’s personal favourite is Hey Jude!

Author’s Pick:-

I love this song because it speaks about how beautiful this world could be. Truly all you need is love, love is all you need.

And now tell us how and why you would celebrate the Global Beatles Day in the comments box below. Post a link of your favourite Beatles number too. Let’s have some fun!

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