15 Life Lessons Only Madagascar's King Julien Can Teach You

Marv D'Souza , 01 Jul 2014
King Julien
King Julien

He may not be the textbook definition of smart but in his own subtle ways, King Julien  (voiced in the films by Sacha Baron Cohen) of Madasgacar is indeed, (as he calls himself) super genius! Taking tips from the self-proclaimed king of lemurs and yada yada yada… we give you 15 life lessons you can learn from King Julien.

1. It’s Important to know when to shut up!

As king, Julien knows the value of silence and applies it, even on himself. It’s really necessary to be quiet when needed.


Or to shut someone else up!

2. Treat those who are different from you, with love and respect.

He greeted the Giant Freaks, even if it was for his own motives. Remember how he slyly had the newbies on the island shifted to his beautiful “Kingdom”?


3. Carpe Diem: Sieze The Day.

When you see an opportunity, take the hint. Take a chance and just go with it.


4. Be proud of your weirdness

Like Phoebe in Friends, King Julien and his loyal subjects own their weirdness.

King Julien and Maurice love to move it!
King Julien and Maurice love to move it!

5. Embrace your Awesomeness!

Hell yeah, go ahead and tell the world that you are the sh*t! Maybe do a dance too.


6. But don’t be too serious.

King Julien takes his job seriously, but knows how to turn business into fun!

Lady Julien
Lady Julien

7. Don’t let the stupid spoil your fun.

Often times, we’re interrupted by stupid, mean people who just want to ruin our “first class” life moments. Show them who’s boss!

Julien knows best and will show you your place in his world!
Julien knows best and will show you your place in his world!

 8. He enjoys the little things in life. Like laughing!

It’s good to laugh and Julien sure loves every minute of it.

Julien loves to laugh
Julien loves to laugh

9. Dream Big!

Never stop dreaming, or let anyone tell you that your dream is too little. Look at him. He dreams to invade countries to declare his supremacy and to be a professional whistler!

10. He is a friend who will give you advice when you need it the most.

He does beat around the bush and steal the spotlight while doing so. But he gets the job done!


11. Be Specific.

People appreciate details. And King Julien is all about it!


12. Know when to stand back.

Now Julien may not know how to stand back when needed. But that’s what you learn from his mistake.

13. Be yourself when you flirt.

It’s a difficult trick. But if you really like someone, you would put up a show. Just tell it as it is and don’t be afraid to. It worked for him.


14. Always be honest in love. Even if it means to never see that PERSON again.

Yes, King Julien is a romantic and if you’ve seen Madagascar 3, you know he gets the girl.


15. Never stop dancing!

No matter what, Julien always keeps a beat in his head!


Do you agree that King Julien is the greatest king there is? Tell us in the comments below!

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