The Choreographers of Baby Doll Give Team MissMalini a Private Lesson!

Shivani Bafna , 01 Jul 2014
Uma Shankar and Gaiti Siddiqui
Uma Shankar and Gaiti Siddiqui

Team MissMalini recently caught up with Uma Shankar and Gaiti Siddiqui, the choreographers of Baby Doll! Make sure to watch the choreographers themselves and Team MM dance to their hit number!


Read excerpts of our conversation with the duo as well!

Team MissMalini (Team MM): What was your experience like choreographing Sunny Leone in Baby Doll?

Uma Shankar & Gaiti Siddiqui: Baby Doll has been a special experience for us. Right from the word go. Sunny Leone is an extremely committed artist and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She works tirelessly and fearlessly and with immaculate trust in her directors and choreographers which is why Baby Doll and Sunny Leone were able to take the nation by storm!

Team MM: Which Bollywood stars would you like to work with if given the chance?

Uma & Gaiti: For us, there is no picking and choosing. Each actor brings something new to the table and we want to be explore working with as many actors as we possibly can.

Uma Shankar and Gaiti Siddiqui with Team MM
Uma Shankar and Gaiti Siddiqui with Team MM

Team MM: What future projects are lined up?

Uma & Gaiti: There are a host of projects lined up, some which we can speak about and some which we cant yet. We have just finished shooting four songs for Zubaan and also for Pink Lips with T-Series and Sunny Leone. The rest of our projects are under tight wraps currently.

Team MM: Where did the inspiration come for the choreography of Baby Doll?

Uma & Gaiti: The inspiration for the choreography for any song comes from the song itself. Baby Doll gave us the space to explore Sunny’s dancing abilities and highlight them. The Meet Brothers delivered a hit song, Sunny delivered an inspired performance and Ekta Kapoor supported us every step of the way.

Team MM: How is the choreography shaping up for Sunny’s new song, Pink Lips?

Uma & Gaiti: Pink Lips sees the coming together of the Baby Doll team again. The Meet Brothers have delivered yet another track that we feel sure will stay with people for a long time. Sunny is shining in the video and has done complete justice to our choreography. As for us, well, T-Series has shown immense support and given us unhindered space to direct and choreograph the video as per our vision. The video is due to release soon and we are very excited to know what everyone thinks of it. We have had a blast shooting it.

And if you haven’t already, check out the teaser of Pink Lips! What did you think of our interview with Uma and Gaiti? Tell us in the comments below!

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