5 Bollywood Monsoon Myths Busted!

5 Bollywood Monsoon Myths Busted!

Samreen Tungekar

Bollywood definitely raises our expectations of the perfect ‘better half’, may be a little too much. One of the most frequent settings in Indian cinema as a whole, is the rainy season. Monsoons are a huge deal in our films, because apparently all good romances need nature to shower her blessings, literally :P

So here, I burst these myths propagated by Bollywood that have very little chance of occurring in real life.

1. On The Roof, In The Rain = Suicide.

“Romance rahega main, on the roof, in the rain”. And the romance will be followed by a ligament tear or worse, death. You cannot dance on the roof in the rain. In fact, try not listening to this song as well, please?

2. Rocks Are Slippery, You Should Know.

Bandstand or Marine Drive, the rocks are risky. But otherwise too, you cannot dance on the rocks. Sing, but sit and sing. Say hello to the rain with words!

3. Don’t linger around Bus Stops, No One is Kissing You (If Someone Does, Complain!)

So you’re at a bus stop, all dry and cute? A random man comes and kisses you like THAT? First of all, it doesn’t happen. Men in real life, are still, thankfully, a little socially aware. Secondly, if it does, slap him!

4. Just Because it’s raining and You’re Under A Tree With Someone, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Kiss

In a city where people don’t even share their umbrellas, a romantic kiss under the tree seems a little far fetched, no? It’s tough to even find a spot to be dry, no one really cares about the kissing.

5. If You Block Traffic, You Are Dying. Enough Said.

It’s nice to give someone your jacket. It’s inhuman to do it in the middle of the road in a world where everyone is tweeting and cursing the traffic. So do it on the footpath :)

Which Bollywood rain myths do you think should be burst? Tell us in the comments below!