Dipannita Sharma, who stars in the upcoming Pizza 3D, has already told you about her favourite horror films. Now, she tells you about the top 5 horrific moments in her own life!

1. ​Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror (photo | www.hauntedamericatours.com)

After watching films like The Conjuring or Mirror, it gets really spooky to watch myself in the mirror. These films showcase a lot of horror stunts using mirror reflections. So one night, after watching The Conjuring, when I was brushing my teeth before going to bed, I just got spooked out! The horror was playing on my mind so much that after I brushed my teeth I actually thought I saw my reflection even after I moved away from the mirror.

​2. ​Trick Or Treat

Last year during Halloween, I got completely spooked, thanks to my friends who set me up in my own apartment, with the help of my husband. After a long working day, I came at my doorstep only to realise that my knocks were going unanswered. I unlocked the door with my keys and stepped into the unusually dark apartment. Suddenly I started hearing a lot of whispers and murmurers. I tried rushing towards my electricity switch board to turn the light on, but before I could, they screamed ‘trick or treat’. I would have died of a shock if somebody would not have switched on the lights.

3. The Outdoor Side Effect

Shadows (photo | uribotanicalgardens.wordpress.com)

I have been a big fan of the horror genre since I was 16, and have watched some of the spookiest films since then. So while I love the genre, this also has its side effects. While I was in college, we had gone for an outdoor trek from Delhi; and we were camping it in style with the tents, equipment and the likes. While I was trying to fall asleep one of the nights, there was a constant shadow cast on my tent from the light outside which looked like a dangling hand. I was convinced that something was wrong, and couldn’t fall asleep until later when I found it was the branch of tree that formed the shape of a hand that looked chopped.

4. Scarecrow

Well this one is a little mean, but I guess I have to list this here! On my birthday an acquaintance of mine gifted me a dress. He/she was very sweet to surprise me with it. But let me tell you… the moment I wore it and saw myself in the mirror, it was quite a horrofic sight. Though I did appreciate it, I thought the dress was truly horrendous!

5. Gotcha!

Pizza 3D
Pizza 3D

As kids, we all loved playing Hide N’ Seek. In one such game, we decided to all team up against one girlfriend of ours who was quite the phattu! So it was dark and she was trying to find us all, but instead we teamed up and scared her together from behind in the dark. The poor girl got so scared that she fainted – and then the joke was on us, because we were horrified thinking that something happened to her, We were too young to realise, well, let’s just check if she’s breathing.