Pizza 3D has hit theatres today, so we asked the film’s ghost, Dipannita Sharma, to tell us about the ways YOU can spook your friends at home! She’s got a list of 10 scary ideas, so give it a read and pick one! – xoxo MissMalini.

Dipannita Sharma in Pizza 3D
Dipannita Sharma in Pizza 3D

1. On Valentine’s Day, write a creepy love letter to your friend in blood (red paint of course).

2. Surprise your friends with an all-expense paid trip to Banghar Fort, Rajasthan. They will be excited for an ‘all expense paid trip’, but Banghar Fort, will that really be tempting? The spooky destination will leave them sweating.

3. You can do this with your roommate. When you are alone in your apartment and are expecting your roomie to arrive home from work, just lay dead on your sofa. And make sure you scatter things around you… like a water spilled glass, wrinkled sofa linen etc. Your friend will go crazy!

4. Inspired from The Conjuring, this one is a classic but rather nasty. While your friend sleeps peacefully, just pull them off the bed, dragging, holding their legs.

5. You can’t do this if you stay alone, because you need a victim. Each night, wake up and stop the clock at 3 AM. And watch them, pretending like nothing is wrong. Eventually hell will break loose.

Pizza 3D
Pizza 3D

6. This is what I call The classic Shah Rukh Khan! The fake stalker! Put your stalking skills to use, and follow your friend, drop them voice mails from an unknown number, messages, disturbing messages, prank calls. Take this to the whole new level, and as your friend is about to complain, cut the power, barge into their room and make sure you don’t get punched in the face. K.. K.. Okay?

7. This one even I have tried as a teenager: get into an elevator with people and start screaming at the top of your voice until you reach your floor, and then just walk out like nothing happened. Damn! You’ll leave them really afraid.

8. One for the random person: stare at a complete stranger with a straight face and start following them. Being creepy is the key, just don’t get caught by the cops.

9. This one is another classic from our teenager sleepover days. Tape the eyes of your friend who is sleeping; just with normal tape. Trust me, they’ll wake up screaming.

10. This one I love trying on my friends. Pretend you are going to have a seance and call a spirit. Distribute a few plates to your friends and make them sit in a line saying this is how it’s done. Switch off all the lights and light a few candles. Then give them a random chant and ask them to say it in unison (you have to keep a straight face through this and you will need an accomplice who is in on the secret). Then slowly tell them to rub the bottom of the plate, while chanting non stop. Make them rub it on their cheek and continue the process. Stop them after about 10 minutes and tell them that it’s time to turn the lights on ’cause the spirit is amongst you. As soon as the lights come on, you will hear all of them scream! Guess why? Because their faces are black and grey 🙂 The secret – you and your accomplice, before distributing the plates, should have rubbed the bottom of each one with some black colour or some ash. Trust me this one works especially with your friends who tend to get super scared!