Bollywood Celebrities Show Love For The Khoobsurat Trailer

Bollywood Celebrities Show Love For The Khoobsurat Trailer

Shreemi Verma

As you know, we are absolutely in louuurv with Disney India and Anil Kapoor Film Company’s Khoobsurat! I mean what’s not there to love? It has Sonam Kapoor looking adorable as a ‘royal misfit’ and the greatest import from Pakistan *lovestruck* Fawad Khan. Anyway, the point is that it’s not only us who are fawning (notice how fawning and Fawad sound similar? Or it’s just in my head?) over the adorable trailer, Khoobsurat has also created quite a splash with the bigwigs of Bollywood!

Karan Johar for Khoobsurat
Abhishekh-Bachchan for Khoobsurat
Arjun-Kapoor-Tweet for Khoobsurat
Ritesh-Sidhwani-Tweet for Khoobsurat
Priya-Gupta-tweet for Khoobsurat

We love the support this modern-day-fairytale is getting, God knows we need more of such refreshing family entertainers.
In case you haven’t watched it already, check out its super-cute trailer! In case you have, check it out again anyway. :)

We think that Sonam Kapoor is tailor-made for this role? What do you think?