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Shreemi Verma , 26 Jul 2014
Tahir Shah
Image courtesy: Twitter

Whoever says there is a dearth of talent in the Indian subcontinent (which includes our neighbours Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc.) has obviously not discovered the Internet! The wonderful Internet where you can find gems like these, or superbly entertaining songs like the ones we’ve made a list of. This list has been made for you guys to realize how fearless some of our countrymen are, talent or no talent, these tigers cannot be tamed! Add these cheesy must watch music videos to your YouTube playlist quick!

1) Sunday Morning Love You – Bhim Niroula

Nepali superstar (his words not ours), Bhim Niroula is notorious for making extremely catchy songs with firangi ladies dancing around him. You see, he wants to love them everyday!

2) Eye To Eye – Taher Shah

You are totally lying if you claim to have not heard this chartbuster by the one and only Taher Shah! Although YouTube is banned in Pakistan, this song managed to garner over 90k likes in two days! Why you might ask, what’s so special about this man? Well, the song has a line saying ‘stylish excellent human eyes, my eyes and your eyes‘. Men, play this song on your first date, if this doesn’t make her fall in love with you, nothing will!

3) Goodbye – D4NNY

D4NNY (that’s how he spells his name) is so young, yet so mature. This angst filled song will make you cry… of laughter. Sorry D4NNY. We love you. You know we do.

4) Jab Se Hui Hai Mohabbat – The Greatest Man Alive

Okay, the artist’s name is not ‘The Greatest Man Alive’ but it totally should be! Don’t you think? Did you check out his movies like Jagger?

5) Indian Isspiderman – Isspiderman of course!

Get over your Andrew Garfield crush and make way for the Indian Isspiderman. If Emma Stone knew of this guy’s existence, she wouldn’t even glance at her current beau.

6) Love Marriage – Wilbur Sargunaraj

It’s a cry from Wilbur’s heart. A cry we must all pay heed to.
Warning: This song will stay in your mind for a long long time.

7) It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do – Vennu Mallesh

Girl: “Hey are V going to sing?” Vennu: “Ya, but it’s not a song, it’s my life” THAT is how deep Vennu goes in this one.

8) Indian Thriller – Chiranjeevi or his lookalike

The subtitles make it funnier, but let’s not take that away from this Indian version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Why was this made? Why?

9) NaMo Youth Anthem – Really Excited Bhakts

Great that Nardendra Modi won and all, but we were a tad bit disappointed when he didn’t thank the people behind this epic video during his swearing in ceremony! This song made us ask ourselves “whose gonna care us?” “whose gonna bear us?” and the answer was always NaMo NaMo!

10) Dancing All The Night – Bhim Niroula

We started with a Bhim Niroula song, it’s only fair we end this list with his latest offering. Pitbull, please stand aside, we have found our own Mr. Worldwide!

These epic songs made your day, didn’t they? Add your favourites too :)

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