Our 5 Favourite Movies Based Under The Deep Blue Sea!

Shreemi Verma , 27 Jul 2014
Rohan Shrestha
Rohan Shrestha

There is this beautiful world underwater which most of us mere mortals get glimpses of only through breath taking pictures and some fantastic movies. Now that some (most) of us are feeling the monsoon blues here’s a list of some awesome movies based in the high seas. If the rains get too heavy, you now know what to watch while snuggling in bed with some piping hot coffee! If you do want to go out and about in the monsoons as well (because the club can’t even handle you right now) do check out these awesome make up tips you can use during the rains!

1) Finding Nemo
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If Marlin and Dory’s adventures in finding Marlin’s only baby Nemo doesn’t melt your heart and make you laugh at the same time, then you either don’t have a heart or you can’t smile. What are you? A zombie?

2) Aquamarine
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So what if it’s not considered a great movie by the critics and all, this movie is ADORABLE! I’d totally chill with a mermaid in my free time, totally.

3) The Little Mermaid
Ariel and Flounder
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Eric is a little boring, but Ariel and Flounder are too cool for school! Also, thank god for Disney making this story far far happier than the depressing original :-( though the best part about this movie is Ursula, hands down.

4) Fool’s Gold
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Matthew McConaughey is shirtless for a good part of the movie, so there. And for the straight men and lesbian women out there, Kate Hudson dons a bikini for most of her scenes. These two reasons should be enough to love this underwater-adventure movie!

5) Jaws
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It is a crime to not mention Jaws when talking about movies based in water. It is a crime so big, I can’t even imagine committing it.

I have a feeling that because of such wonderful inspiration, ace lensman Rohan Shrestha, well known for his fashion and nature photography is heading towards Indonesia to learn the art of underwater photography and cinematography!

Rohan Shrestha
Rohan Shrestha

I guess it’s time to make some fun Bollywood movie based in water! What do you think?
P.S.: We have conveniently deleted Blue from our memories.

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