5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Break Up!

5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Break Up!

Jai and Meera | Courtesy: blogs.reuters.com
Jai and Meera | Courtesy: blogs.reuters.com

Brutally honest and simply put, there is no such thing as a good break up. Unless you’re trying to impersonate Jai and Meera from Love Aaj Kal, you won’t be planning a break up party! Event planner’s would need to engage in some serious brainstorming to organize such an event. Maybe it would be a half funeral – half christening, mourning the death of the relationship and celebrating a new life (without your significant other of course).

But if you really do hate controversy, do not enjoy drama and aren’t too keen on celebrating your separation, I have a list of 5 ways for you to try and pacify a “bad break up” (Although I still think it is an oxymoron!)

1) Do NOT cheat.

Convenient | Photo Courtesy: imgfave.com
Yes darling, very convenient | Photo Courtesy: imgfave.com

This is undoubtedly the easiest route to a bad break up. And when I say bad, I mean violence-inducing, social-circle-breaking, cross-continent-swearing kind of bad. So do not cheat. Barney Stinson and Charlie Sheen can’t help you create an excuse for this one. “It meant nothing” “I was drunk” “S/he came onto me” are just going to make things worse for you. So do not cheat.

2) Do NOT play thOSE break-up games.

Not for long | Photo Courtesy: techoctave.com
Not for long | Photo Courtesy: memegenerator.net

If you’re bored and riled up, play tennis or football or if you’re comfortable on your couch, play Candy Crush or Angry Birds, but do not play the break up games. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this contemporary sport, the break-up games are a variety of games that almost always end up in both players losing. Examples of these include; kissy pictures with people of the opposite sex flooding Instagram, attempting to make your ex jealous with almost anyone available and the most common one, broadcasting your newly altered relationship status. I mean seriously, do you really need to change your Facebook status so soon?

3) Do NOT hook up with your ex’s friend.

Varun isn't going to like this one
Varun isn’t going to like this one
If it’s just another form of a break up game, do not do it. If there are feelings involved, do not do it. If you’re intoxicated and have no control over your thoughts, still do not do it! Even when you think your relationship is over, it’s not, so you’d rather not get into explanations, justifications and endless arguments.

4) Do NOT get your friends involved.

It's a trap! | Photo Courtesy: lotsoflaughters.com
It’s a trap! | Photo Courtesy: lotsoflaughters.com

There’s a significant difference between recounting the past and spinning a tale that sounds more like an episode of Big Boss. Yes, you will feel helpless and lonely and angry and jealous (don’t deny it) but dividing your social circle is not the remedy to a broken relationship.

5) Do NOT go crazy.

Truth | Photo Courtesy: www.rottencards.com
Truth | Photo Courtesy: www.rottencards.com

This one’s for those of you who have a slightly deranged streak. Plotting against your ex, juggling between rebounds, and in the most extreme case; popping illegal pills is NOT a good idea. Though the only one being adversely affected is YOU, its still a bad break up so avoid it, just avoid it.

Break up’s are bad, period. They’re consuming, exasperating and distressing. But as much as a cynical mind may try to deny it, they’re inevitable unless you get hitched (and theres still a chance they might fail) But do consider these 5 simple rules to minimize the consequent damage next time you’re in the pit.

Have a foolproof plan to avoid a bad break up? Or even a few tips? Let us know in the comment section below!