You'll Love This Cover of The FRIENDS theme song :)

Aastha Atray , 04 Aug 2014

There’s nothing that works better than a song to bring back happy memories. On Friendship Day, those memories are all about that time your friends were truly your family. So when I heard Samuel Berlie (who you all know as the talented and super cute rhythm guitarist of Mumbai band The Other People) sing the FRIENDS theme song, I’ll Be There For You, I was back being 22 again. The cover, produced by upcoming music producer Santosh, will have you singing the song over and over again just after one listen. Sam’s sweet voice and the fun video will leave you smiling. Sam says they picked the song because they knew that practically anybody could relate to it. “Whatever age you may be, you can find an emotion in this song to identify with. For example, even when your love life’s DOA, your friends are always there!!”

You may just love it because you loved the show. I often did feel that the six friends were my “real” friends, especially Rachel, who could just be me! But most of all, it made me miss those nights of eating Maggie and talking about boys who just didn’t get us, what clothes to wear to the dance at the club and how we could never, ever imagine life without each other. How does that line go, “Seems like you’re the only one who knows what it’s like to be me.” Awww. Listen and send it your best friend. It’s guaranteed to get you into their good books pronto.

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