Here's What You Need To Get Hooked To MTV's Fanaah Starring Karan Kundra!

Marv D'Souza , 05 Aug 2014
MTV's Fanaah
MTV’s Fanaah

Since the first episode of MTV’s Fannah, we’re hooked to the story. It’s not your average Indian tele show but it packs a punch with interesting characters and twists with modern day story telling. With popular lead stars like Karan Kundra, Rithvik Dhanjani and Ratan Rajput in a story of “unimaginable power, a different time, a story of love that will be never be…” If you’re looking to know the plot so far, here are a few details on Fanaah An impossible love story. Check out the buzz before the show here!

The Plot:

A setting of ‘power, schemes and love – everything is fair game’ is established. The first look at the lead characters and Vivaan, Vidhyut and Avni’s saga and their stories unfold in each episode.

The Lead Characters

Vivaan, played by Karan Kundra is a broken man who is orphaned at a young age. None of his experiences in life could ever be compared to the ‘torment of watching the love of his life slip through his fingers’. Doomed to an eternity of solitude, Vivaan is clueless about the fact that the girl he had loved, was now to enter his life and turn his whole world off its axis, once again.

Vidhyut, played by Rithvik, has a secret past. He ‘swore by the laws of the jungle’ and has pledged his allegiance to his ‘pack’, but his loyalties are about to change. Listening to his heart means that his world might just fall apart into pieces. He is protective, intense, loyal, fierce and is a complete a mystery.

Dhara on MTV's Fanaah
Dhara on MTV’s Fanaah

Dhara is the innocent mortal played by Chetna Pande. She possesses power but with no desire for supremacy. She is the niece of an all-powerful witch. With the world’s eyes on her, she longs for the attentions from a special someone. Torn between her heart desires and her aunt’s plans for supernatural dominance, she now has to choose a lead to the unraveling of the very fabric of the immortal realm. Dhara is young, innocent and unaware that her days are numbered.


Iravati is a woman with a vendetta. She was what they had made her. A powerful immortal, she rose from the ashes as a warrior. Iravati is an indomitable immortal who threatened to set the world aflame. She is vindictive, embittered and vengeful.

Anshuman in MTV's Fanaah
Anshuman in MTV’s Fanaah

Anshuman is a vampire who takes what’s his, just how he wants it and exactly when he wants it. Generations of mortals had been fooled by his courteous manner, but his calm exterior hides the devious mind churning underneath, drumming with enough power to reduce the world to a pile of rubble at his feet.

Preet in MTV's Fanaah
Preet in MTV’s Fanaah

Preet is a woman scorned and vengeful supreme witch who relishes every single gory minute of it. She tears apart every soul who crosses her path, living or immortal. As her power escalates, a war rages between the three supernatural groups, with the lives of four innocent lovers caught in the middle. This would rip the town of Dehradun, and the world as we know it, forever.

The Episodes


Each instalment in the season unleashes the mystery behind about these characters. Their lives, their stories and their secrets are as intriguing as the characters themselves. Compared to those on the current Indian TV scene, you will find the characters of Fanaah fresh and alluring (If you’re really into Indian TV shows). Catch up with all the episodes of this supernatural series online on MTV very own website in high definition.

Have you been watching MTV’s Fanaah? Who is your favourite character? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for our updates on the show as it unfolds!

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