Sid Mallya Shows His Insta-Followers His Loving Boyfriend Side!

Lolatrix , 10 Aug 2014
Sid Mallya at the Mumbai Marathon (photo courtesy
Sid Mallya at the Mumbai Marathon (photo courtesy

As fate may have it, another eligible bachelor is off the market! Sid Mallya posted the cutest picture of himself with his girlfriend Ayesha Grover, wishing his “tweety” the happiest birthday. And he didn’t hold back on the mush :)

Sid Mallya's Instagram post
Sid Mallya’s Instagram post

Her response was almost as adorable:

We love the Looney Tunes references, don’t you?

Psst! In case you missed it, MissMalini caught up with Sid to talk about his much hyped relationship with Deepika Padukone some time ago. He even told us what his perfect girlfriend would be like! WATCH :)

Bravo Johnny, Bravo! :P

PS. I also think Sid’s an awesome sport about everything. So props to you Sid for not taking yourself too seriously, me likes it! xoxo

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