Exclusive: Keon Polee’s Confessions of a Sober Standup Comic!

Keon Polee

I don’t know much about standup comics, other than the fact that I love watching them – the good ones that is :P – but the one new revelation I’ve recently made, is that they are probably the world’s GREATEST procrastinators. How do I know this? Because LAST August I met a guy (well actually, I mostly watched his opening act at Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco and then tweeted him my applause, because that’s just how I roll.) And boom, Keon Polee and I have been Twitter pals ever since. :)

Twitter conversation

The last time I heard from the guy was a day after my birthday, but today must be special too, because look what landed in my mailbox! (Had you waited a week it would be our Twitter-anniversary KP. #JustSaying :P)

But now, without further adieu, I give you CONFESSIONS OF A SOBER STANDUP COMIC! Straight from Antioch, California. (Google map it if you’re that curious.)

What would you like to hear him confess/rant/vent/rave/rue about next? Leave me a comment below and I’ll let him know! (You could even score one of my super awesome #geekchic Twitter tees so hurry, and don’t forget to mention your city and t-shirt size too!) xoxo

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