Let These Adorable Kids Teach You The Meaning of India's National Anthem!

MissMalini , 13 Aug 2014

OMG, utter cuteness just happened! In the run up to Independence Day, the Akanksha kids have decided to free us all from ignorance and teach everyone the meaning of our National Anthem in the most adorably creative way! #CueHeartMelt

Now did you know all of that?!

(I’ll be the first to admit that I learnt a few things myself!) Fact is, a vast majority of people in our country don’t know the meaning of our National Anthem and it’s time we learned. Through this video the Akanksha kids have done their best to teach us all something new and had a gigantic craft day at the same time – #WinWin!

Now isn’t it fair that we go return the favour? Come be their teacher, visit www.akanksha.org to apply.

Full props the geniuses who made this magic happen. You are awesome!

Directed by Raaj A Chakravarti, The Asylum
Line produced by Kunal Shivdasani, Virtual Reality Films
Music/Sound by Joslyn Braganza/Sounds Good studio
Post production by Prasad Labs, Mumbai

PS. Guess what Akanksha, Team MissMalini is coming to teach you something too, I promise :) xoxo

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