Say Hello To MissMalini's Newest Pocketful Of Style

Anushka Mulchandani , 14 Aug 2014
Pocket Stylist
Pocket Stylist

Pocket Stylist, {Pok-it Sthay-list}, noun
1. A person who dishes out quick style tips.
2. A person who is your instant cheat sheet to fashion
3. A stylist tiny enough to fit right in your pocket, size and budget-wise!

A year ago, I found myself needing to let out some major creative steam. After a whole lot of name changing and bouncing off ideas about what exactly to do with all that built up energy, I found myself sticking to what I know and love, fashion. So I threw on my outfits, which were always mixed with brands that are homegrown and not widely known of, and took pictures every time I went out. A close friend suggested a name that would define what I do, which is quick style tips, easy style hacks and basically be my reader’s cheat sheet to fashion, also, I’m a really tiny person (pocket-sized); and just like that, Pocket Stylist was born!

Pocket Stylist
See what I mean? – Pocket Sized!

Starting today, Pocket Stylist will find a new home right here on MissMalini! Everything from what’s in, how and where you can get it and even some of who’s wearing it. Stay tuned, because I’m about to make sure you have a pocketful of style, no matter where you go!

You can also follow the Pocket Stylist on Facebook here and on Instagram here. If you have a quick style query, you know where to go! :)

Illustrations by Gigi

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