3 Stylish Ways To Dress Like Your Man!

Sheefa Gilani , 16 Aug 2014
boyfriend material meme
boyfriend material meme

It’s a man’s world for womenswear: jeans led the way, and shoes quickly followed – but a shared wardrobe is going too far“, says fashion editor, Luke Leitch. All thanks to Coco Chanel, menswear has been an exposé for women ever since the 1920’s. This year the designer’s androgynous mode floored the avenue for menswear-enthused; ready-to-wear with a heart on ease and minimalism.

Boyfriend jeans, Boyfriend jackets, boyfriend tie – is the “boyfriend” fashion trend is not over yet!? If you are absolutely in love with undying-trend, here are 3 stylish ways to dress like your man!

1. Denim

You don’t need a boyfriend for one of the preeminent, never-dying jean trends – “Boyfriend Jeans.” The best feature about these jeans is that they are meant to be loose fitting (so you can let it out!) and comfy. Boys are not the only ones who should be blessed with placid jeans!

Pair heels with these impish boys! Sway the fad that ought to be called girlfriend jeans… since there is no pretext to give boyfriends all the glory.

2. Bombers

If you are looking for the perfect bomber to do the boyfriend trend try coalescing sporty silhouettes with ornate embellishment, these overhauled bomber jackets can prove to be the unflawed mix of slouch and sophistication. Not only are they top-notch trendy, they’re also seamless for makeshift attiring and will see you plump through autumn, winter and spring.

Twitter @SonamKapoor
Twitter @SonamKapoor
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut’s airport look

3. Wear your man’s tie

This is the simplest of them all, pick a tie from your man’s closet (a bow tie would be cuter) and just add it on to your outfit! Take it from Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and Diane Kruger, how cool do they look?

Diane Kruger & Leighten Meester
Diane Kruger & Leighton Meester

We are sure you’re dying to get your “pants” on this trend as much as we do!
Would you wear it? Tell us in the comments below.

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