5 Reasons Why Khichdi Needs To Make A Television Comeback!

5 Reasons Why Khichdi Needs To Make A Television Comeback!

Priyam Saha
Babuji and Praful on Khichdi
Babuji and Praful on Khichdi

Star Plus’ Khichdi can easily be called one of Indian television’s finest examples of a situational comedy. First aired in 2002, the show and its sequel Instant Khichdi, have been re-aired many times successfully enough to prove that the audience loves the show and Khichdi will still be a roaring hit if the show makes a comeback on tube!

Crackling chemistry between the co-stars, backed with solid writing and clean humour, the Parekh parivaar was easy to fall in love with.

Here are 5 reasons why Khichdi absolutely needs to make a comeback on television!

1. Hansa Bhabhi Swag

Khichdi : Hansa
Hansa on Khichdi

Imagine a life where you do no work all day and play dress up. That’s the stuff dreams are made of and of course, Khichdi gave us many unforgettable characters, Praful, Jayshree, Babuji, Himanshu…, but the Hansa way of life is aspirational.

2. Fabulous Jayshree

Khichdi : Jayshree
Jayshree on Khichdi

Jayshree defined ‘fabulousness’ on the show. Not only did the gossip monger keep the family together, she loved her Hansa Bhabhi to bits; proving to Indian television makers all over, that women can, in fact, get along on TV.

3. The Same-Name Life Hack

Khichdi : Parminder, Parminder
Parminder and Parminder on Khichdi

How many times have you been stuck in an awkward situation where you bump into someone whose name you just cannot seem to remember? Now if only you had only one name to remember for everyone. Parminder Power!

4. No Time LEaps

 Khichdi : Chakki, Jacky
Chakki and Jacky on Khichdi

It was easy for the show to grow on you and for you to grow with it because no one comes back from the dead and the kids do not grow up to be stylish teenagers overnight. There haven’t been any time leaps on the show, which is truly commendable!

5. Khichdi – The Movie

Can you name one show on Indian television that was made into a movie? We rest our case.

What was your favourite thing about this mad show? Do let us know!