Here's How You Can Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Divya Rao , 18 Aug 2014
Make-Up Brushes (photo courtesy |
Make-Up Brushes (photo courtesy |

So, last week, we told you about the make-up brushes you should know of and own. If you use your make-up brushes often, you know they’re going to get dirty at some point and you’re going to have to clean them! Why must you clean them you may ask? Because when you use them regularly, dirt, bacteria, oil and left over makeup get stuck in your brushes. Using these without cleaning can lead to acne from reapplication. So, here’s a simple way to clean them within the comforts of your own home!

Powder Brush
Powder Brush

Here’s what you’re going to need:

1. Antibacterial hand wash or any antibacterial liquid soap that you may have.

2. Extra virgin olive oil

3. A plate

4. Some tissue papers

Step 1:

Take the antibacterial hand wash and put some on the plate. The reason for using this is to wash the brushes and get rid of any bacteria. Then take some olive oil and add to the plate. The olive oil conditions the brushes and keeps them soft.

Step 2:

Now grab a dirty makeup brush and swirl it in the mixture.  Once it’s picked up enough mixture, take the makeup brush and swirl it in the palm of your hand. You’re not only cleaning your brushes but you’re also disinfecting them. If you just use the handwash, you’d be drying out the brushes which would shorten their life term. So, it’s essential to use something that will condition the brushes along with the disinfectant.

Step 3:

Repeat this process again. Swirl on the plate and then on the hand. If you’ve had left over makeup stuck in your brushes, you should see it coming out on the palm of your hands.

Step 4:

Use lukewarm water to rinse your brushes off. Important thing to note here – while rinsing your brushes, make sure that the bristles face downwards and in the opposite direction of the tap. Keep the hard end of the brush facing the water. Swirl the brush on the palm of your hand under the water, which will rinse it clean. Keep doing this till all the soap and makeup is out of your brush.

Step 5:

Dry them using tissue paper and squeeze the brush back in their shapes. Keep them aside to dry and you’re good to go! :)

If you live in a country where brush-washing gloves are available, be sure to invest in them. They are light on your pocket and so useful! It’ll save your skin all that excessive soap and will keep your hands soft. Very handy if you have a lot of makeup brushes!

Try this and let us know how it worked for you. If you have any other methods of washing your brushes, do let us know in the comments below. :)

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