Exclusive: Evelyn Sharma Reveals 10 Tips To Protect Coloured Hair In The Monsoon

Ranjit Rodricks , 26 Aug 2014
Evelyn Sharma
Evelyn Sharma

Ever since she burst onto the Bollywood scene as a luscious brunette, Evelyn Sharma has been a regular on our blog for her fashion sense. Now, the star of films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Mein Tera Hero has gone blonde, making her look a tad bit like the sexy Paris Hilton.

In an exclusive chat with Team MissMalini, Evelyn acknowledges that one has to take special care of hair that has been coloured, especially during the humid monsoon season.

What follows is a list of monsoon hair-care dos and don’ts which Evelyn has compiled especially for you readers:

Evelyn Sharma's blonde look
Evelyn Sharma’s blonde look

​1) Wash your hair with special color protect shampoo: It is imperative to use shampoo especially formulated for coloured hair. The shampoo helps in sealing in the colour and isn’t too harsh on the hair.

2) Condition your hair right: Frizz can set into your coloured hair if it becomes too dry. To avoid this, always, always use a conditioner as it helps to lock in moisture and makes hair smoother and more manageable.

3) Use cold to lukewarm water: Avoid using water at extremely high temperature as it strips hair of essential oils and moisture. Since the process of colouring hair usually involves bleaching, it makes the hair weaker and dryer. Adding hot water to that mix of chemical cocktail should be avoided at any cost.

4) Go for a weekly hair mask: Coloured hair needs a weekly mask in order to hydrate and moisturize the hair. It lends shine and bounce to coloured hair, which can tend to become like hay like if not looked after properly.

5) Avoid the hair dryer: Your hair has already been through the rigmarole of being bleached and coloured and washed. Once washed, let your hair dry naturally without subjecting it to heat and stress from the hair dryer. It makes the hair brittle and the shine fades faster.

Evelyn Sharma's former look as a brunette
Evelyn Sharma’s former look as a brunette

6) Stay away from hair products: Hair-sprays and gels which are heavy on the hair should be avoided at all costs. The products stick to your hair and at the time of rinsing, leach away the colour from the hair along with them.

7) Regular oiling: Yes, regular oiling of your hair helps it to become stronger and the colour holds on more steadily. It also helps in keeping hairfall in check and adds bounce to your hair.

8) Cut the bad crop: A good trim on a regular basis will help keep split ends and damaged hair in check. It also gives scope for your hair to grow out and keeps it healthy in the long run.

9) Get professional help: While coloring your hair, as confident as you may feel, get professional help. DON’T DO IT AT HOME! There are certain techniques that need to be followed, which help in better absorption of colour and make it last longer.

10) Don’t wash it very often: Since water is the arch nemesis of your hair, be careful of washing your hair a tad too often. Coloured hair is porous and loses colour more easily, therefore avoid shampooing your hair more than necessary.

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