Exclusive Interview: Barun Sobti On His Fitness Mantra

Team MissMalini , 02 Sep 2014
Barun Sobti
Barun Sobti

We at Team MissMalini recently had the exclusive opportunity to catch up with the ever charming (and heartthrob for many a ladies) Barun Sobti on his diet & fitness mantra. Read on to find out what Barun revealed to us about how he manages to maintain his enviably lean and toned frame.

Team MissMalini (Team MM): Would you say you are more dedicated to a strict fitness regimen or a diet regimen?

Barun Sobti (BS): Not really either!  I don’t really follow any strict diet regimen. I eat everything and still manage to stay healthy.  I do regularly workout though and follow a pretty regular lifestyle in general.

Team MM: Speaking of diet we have heard you say on many occasions – both while working on television and while shooting for the big screen – that you are a complete foodie and love to eat just about anything.  What is your secret to your fit frame?

BS: There is no secret. Really!!! Even after I eat just about anything I still do not put on weight.  It’s true that I am a real foodie but my body approves of it as well!!!  Haha!

Team MM: You have also said you are an ectomorph – do you ever find even then you have to cutback and keep a check on what you’re eating?

BS: I really don’t ever have to cutback on food!

Barun Sobti
Barun Sobti

Team MM: In terms of working out do you follow a pretty set regimen at the gym or do you find it more helpful to regularly switch up what your workout regimen consists of?  Who keeps you motivated or are you pretty self-motivated when it comes to hitting the gym?

BS: I am a very self-motivated person.  I don’t follow any fixed regimen however I do regularly workout and if a role requires some changes I change my workouts accordingly but nothing in terms of a fixed workout regimen.

Team MM: As an avid fútbol fan are you able to get out on the field and play regularly to incorporate that into your workout routine?

BS: I love playing football and I do play football whenever I get the time and opportunity. It’s not really part of my workout routine though.

Barun Sobti
Barun Sobti

Team MM: What is your take on the whole six pack abs fad that is huge with men on the big and small screen alike?

BS: I am not really too into six packs or any packs.  It’s really an individual choice so I really have no opinion on that whole thing.

Team MM: Is there someone amongst the current lot – actor and/or actress – that you find inspires your fitness habits?

BS: I think everyone these days is very fit so no one in particular inspires me.  All of the current lot are doing really good with respect to staying fit.

Team MM: Having worked on the small screen which is notorious for its long working hours were you able to manage a workout routine of some sort at the time [particularly when you shuffled between the movie and show shoot]? Has it become easier with the transition to a movie shoot schedule?

BS: No actually I never got time for anything during those days and especially shuffling between a movie and television schedule.  It started taking a toll on my health.  Yes definitely with a movie shoot schedule alone though it gives you the chance to schedule your life a little more.

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