Exclusive: "There Are No Short-cuts To Success In Bollywood" – Anindita Nayar Confesses

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Anindita Nayar

It’s a super time for young Bollywood aspirants who are looking for a break in the film industry. Not only is Bollywood expanding and exploding with hatke ideas and unconventional flicks but it is also welcoming new talent that doesn’t have issues with blocking bulk dates.

Among the newer crop of actresses is the pretty Anindita Nayar who made her acting​ debut in the movie Amit Sahni Ki List (opposite Vir Das) and will soon be seen in Hasmukh Pighal Gaya, alongside stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

Team MissMalini caught up with the lissome newbie for an exclusive chat and here’s what she shared with us…

Anindita Nayar
Anindita Nayar

Team MissMalini: When did the Bollywood bug bite you and how have you prepared to get in to Bollywood? ​​
Anindita Nayar: The acting bug caught me when I saw Yash Raj’s Lamhe as a child. It was my favourite film for the longest time. I used to watch it on repeat and absolutely fell in love with Sridevi as Pallavi. I was so obsessed that I convinced my parents to take me to Rajasthan for a month-long holiday where I shopped for all the lehngas I could lay my hands on. That’s all I wore for that month while pretending to be “Pallo”. In fact, a grand-uncle of mine who I stayed with in Jaisalmer still calls me “Pallo” and I have a sneaking suspicion he doesn’t know my real name!

Whenever I saw a good movie, I wanted to be in it. The happy endings always made me believe in the upside of life. And so, even though I started my career by modelling for commercials, I had always wanted to be become an actor. I did my training in acting at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares and Neeraj Kabi’s theatre workshop.

Team MM: Coming from a non-filmi background, what are the difficulties and challenges you face?
AN: The biggest challenge lies in the probability of success which is minuscule, considering the large number of aspirants. One has to create and build on themselves as a brand, as compared to hailing from a film family where you have a legacy to follow and live up to. Hard work (and at times luck) is imperative whether or not one belongs to a film family, but at least getting your first break is much easier and you have the attention of the industry.

Like any other industry, there are no shortcuts to success. Patience, resilience, hard work and staying grounded in reality have seen me through.

Initially, my parents were a bit apprehensive, but once they understood that this was what I really wanted, they supported my decision unconditionally. My mother, especially has been my rock through it all! I have been incredibly lucky to have a supportive family, they have guided and prepared me, but never stood in the way of me chasing my dreams. A strong support system is crucial and has proved to be my biggest strength.

Anindita Nayar
Anindita Nayar

Team MM: Give us some fun anecdote about acting opposite Vir Das in Amit Sahni?
AN: Vir is such a witty and fun actor to be around. After we got our best take, we would always give “Play Takes”, which were extremely candid and we would improvise. It was a laugh riot on set when we were shooting the “Break-up consultant mistaken for a threesome proposition scene”. I had to keep a poker straight face (since I was dealing with a breakup in the scene), while Anu Menon and Vir Das, both known for their impeccable comic timing were having a field day and everyone on set was laughing. It’s traumatic to hold a poker straight face and be slightly choked with emotion in the middle of a hilarious scene which has everyone in splits! The play takes got extremely entertaining to say the least. Pranks were never far away with Vir and I was a victim more often than not!

Team MM: What did you learn while shooting with Amitabh Bachchan?
AN: Mr. Bachchan is incredibly humble and inspiring. I was amazed to see that even after achieving all that he has, he does not take a single shot for granted! The level of enthusiasm and perfection that he brings is truly inspiring. Sharing screen space with him was a dream come true and a huge learning curve for me, and yes, I shall treat every shot as my first and only take!

Anindita Nayar
Anindita Nayar

Team MM: What kind of roles do you look forward to playing, in your career?
AN: I am​ looking for the opportunity to work with directors, producers and actors that I admire and to build my career as an actor within this industry. Most importantly, the script should call out to me as a member of the audience, and the role should be well crafted.

I would love to be part of movies that create box office success, entertain, as well as stay in the memory of the viewers.