7 Ridiculous But Plausible Theories Around Game Of Thrones!

Shreemi Verma
GOT Theories
GOT Theories

So Game Of Thrones is the best show ever (I know I’ve said the same for Breaking Bad but that show is over so let’s not get there). Anyway due to the fact that the author, George R R Martin is typing one word per day on his ancient DOS Word Processor, it seems like The Winds of Winter (the 6th book of A Song of Ice and Fire series) will take forever to be released. This is particularly is driving fans of the book series and television show quite mad therefore they have decided to vent out whatever theories they have in their super sharp and mildly obsessive brains on my best friend, the Internet! This has turned out to be gold for people with no social life (i.e. me) who derive fun out of crackpot theories on everything, hence ladies and gentlemen here are 7 of the most ridiculous, entertaining yet strangely plausible Game Of Thrones theories I found on the Internet, mainly reddit.com! Check them out:

1) Benjen Stark is Daario Naharis

Benjen Stark and Daario Naharis
Benjen Stark and Daario Naharis

Well redditors and fans worldwide who have been wondering since season 1 where the hell Jon Snow’s uncle and Ned Stark’s younger brother Benjen Stark is. Now because he’s been missing since such a long time, normal people would assume he’s dead but you see, fans of Game Of Thrones aren’t really normal. So this one redditor (after smoking what I’m assuming are illegal substances) went on a rant about Benjen and Khaleesi’s lover Daario Naharis being the same guy! When you get over how ridiculous it is, this theory actually makes sense. Or maybe we need to blame George R R Martin for making people reach such levels.
This guy’s comment summarized our thoughts aptly (post the earlier person’s insane theory of course)

GOT comment
Courtesy: Reddit.com

It also lead to memes like this:

Fight Club
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Because they can’t stop. They won’t stop. BTW Daario is apparently Coldhands as well, he’s also the Night King and surely the love of everyone’s life.

2) Roose Bolton is a Vampire

Roose Bolton
Courtesy: Tumblr.com

The Bolton sigil is a flayed man, you know. Plus according to some overactive brains, Roose is not a regular vampire, he’s a cool vampire (high 5 if you got the Mean Girls reference). He’s a cool vampire because he steals skins of the people he kills and maintains his ever youthful skin. Cosmetic giants have not tapped into this yet, I don’t know why.

3) Tyrion is a Targaryen

Tyrion Lannister
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Why wouldn’t he be? Tyrion can be anyone! Okay no seriously, it’s mentioned in the book series that the Mad King (Daenerys’ daddy) had the hots for Tyrion’s mom, i.e. Tywin’s wife. So you know being the king, it’s possible that crazy king had his way with Tywin’s wife which resulted in the imp to be born. No wonder daddy Lannister hates this kid so much. So…you think everyone’s favourite Lannister can actually be a Targaryen?

4) Syrio Forel is Jaquen H’ghar

Syrio and Jaquen
Syrio and Jaquen

This one is actually a theory I believe in. Like really. Arya Stark’sdance teacher‘ (who taught her badass sword fighting) was apparently killed by the Lannister guards right before Ned Stark was *sob* beheaded. This man was one of the greatest sword fighters in the Seven Kingdoms, he can’t JUST die can he? Next season we see the long haired, secret assassin Jaquen H’ghar who decides to help Arya escape and kill three people from the (you guessed it right) Lannister prisons. The theory says Syrio is a faceless man who changed his appearance to Jaquen to help Arya from dying. Hmmm I want to believe in this one so bad!

Arya and Syrio
Courtesy: GameOfThronesQuotes.com

5) Jon Snow’s Mum

Jon Snow
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Well this is a potential spoiler so I’m warning you already. A very very very (cannot emphasise more on very) solid theory is that everyone’s favourite boy Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s son. He has Stark blood of course but that blood allegedly comes from Ned Stark’s dead sister Lyanna Stark. Yep, the same Lyanna who had run off/been abducted by Rhaegar Targaryen which basically caused the whole damn war. The theory suggests that Jon Snow is actually Lyanna and Rhaegar’s child who Ned Stark passed off as his because he was sure that Robert Baratheon would murder the kid. If true, this theory can be a potential game changer for every character (there are many) in Westeros as well as Essos don’t you think?

6) King Tommen will be killed by his cat, Ser Pounce!

Tommen Lannister
Courtesy: Tumblr.com

Hey, he sits on the Iron Throne! Anything can happen. Maybe Benjen is Ser Pounce as well eh?

7) Ser Pounce will sit on the Iron Throne

Ser Pounce
Courtesy: cbc.ca

I mean isn’t that the logical step after he’s done killing Tommen? Ser Pounce is the Promised Pounce and we all know that!

So which theory do you think makes the most sense?