#MMWorld Exclusive: Alia Bhatt on Maybelline, Working With Ranbir Kapoor & All YOUR Twitter Questions!

Team MissMalini , 08 Sep 2014

Remember last week when you danced to the fact that Maybelline is launching new products for the modern Indian girl? Well this week, we sat down with Alia Bhatt, the face of Maybelline, to learn some more about the line. In addition, we also got news on her upcoming films, her favourite products, and the superpower she dreams of having!

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt


Team MM: Alia we just had a sneak peek at the Autumn-Winter’14 collection. The Fall range is quite inspired by runway trends. Tell us a little about the collection and the colours.

Alia Bhatt: You know it’s actually going more dark, more edgy. It’s all about the use of metallic, dual tones and all of that. I feel either it’s a season of pop, colour, pattern or print. I think this time it needs to go the dark way –  so it’s more metallic, more grunge and it’s more like underground. Basically that is the theme of the look.

Team MM: What kind of girl do you think would rock this collection?

Alia Bhatt: Like me!

Team MM: Like you! Are you a true Maybelline girl?

Alia Bhatt: I’m a born Maybelline girl!

Team MM: What’s your favourite Maybelline product?

Alia Bhatt: I think too many, but two of my favourites would be the Colossal Kajal and the Baby Lips balm.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

Team MM: Your fans recently had a massive Google hangout with Maybelline who conducted this whole thing. Can you tell us what that experience was like?

Alia Bhatt: It was a lot of fun because it was literally talking to people randomly who were in the store at that time, at the malls and at the venues. People actually had Maybelline products in their bags! When I would say, “Who has Maybelline products?” and people actually had them! So that made me really happy because I’m endorsing a brand that connects to so many people, especially the youth whom I represent. We had a nice chat – people were telling me what they like and asking me questions about my films, about Maybelline and about products, styling tips. I don’t know who I am to give styling tips but that was pretty interesting that I got to connect with them in some way.

Team MM: So if every Indian girl should own one Maybelline product, what should it be?

Alia Bhatt: I don’t think you should ever own only one Maybelline product! I think you should get all the Maybelline products possible because we have so much to offer. So go out and get everything possible because I’m sure you’ll look amazing with Maybelline!

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt


Team MM: Your fans on Twitter wanted to ask you some questions. @arpita567 wants to know about your upcoming project ‘Shandaar’?

Alia Bhatt: @arpita567, about my upcoming project ‘Shandaar’ – I’m going to start shooting for it in the next twenty days. We’re shooting it abroad and I don’t know whether I’m allowed to disclose where but it’s definitely going to be a very fun and exciting shoot and I’m super excited to work with Shahid and Vikas.

Team MM: @aliaslittlealoo wants to know what superpower you dream of having.

Alia Bhatt: @aliaslittlealoo that’s a very, very cute name! What superpower would I dream of having? Of eating as much as I can and never putting on any weight!

Team MM: @aliabhattcafe wants to know 5 things you always keep with yourself?

Alia Bhatt: @aliabhattcafe 5 things that I always keep with myself would definitely, as I mentioned, my Colossal Kajal, the Babylips balm, there’s always a perfume because you always have to smell good, chewing gum, and my hairbrush because you need to have good hair!

Team MM: So a lot of your Twitter fans want to know how excited are you to work with Ranbir Kapoor? And what should we look forward to?

Alia Bhatt: I’m very very excited to work with Ranbir Kapoor and I’m even more excited to work with Ayan Mukerji. I have probably not said this enough that I’m dying to work with Ranbir one day and its happening and I’m very very excited. I don’t want to talk anything about the film because I don’t think I’m really authorized to but definitely December 2016 – please save the date, don’t go for any holidays, stay and watch my film!

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Alia Bhatt

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